Bridesmaid Gifts – Trending

There seems to be a trend at the moment for alphabet jewellery; proving popular because they are personal, yet no pre-order necessary!  Instant buys and perfect bridesmaid presents!  Alphabet jewellery is nothing new, but the classic designs were somewhat old fashioned, if a little bit eighties, so I’m glad they’ve had a revival!  A lot of designers are also designing these like charms, so you can even buy a few and add them together, or build them up over life events (e.g. wedding, anniversary, first born, second born, etc.) for yourself rather than gifting them. 

Here are my favourites on the market at the moment: 


BAM-B (above) is super cool at the moment in that they don’t have their own stores or counters in department stores (yet), so are still relatively underground – they were only founded in 2014.  Letters are not limited to one initial per item, and the website is friendly to use.  Quoted in Stylist magazine to ‘layer with other gold chains for a more personalised on-trend look.’  The fact that they also do ear cuffs and ghetto (but elegant) hoop earrings only adds to the allure.   

From:   £140 including chain  
Perfect for:  Your bridesmaid who lives in Hackney. 

Tiffany & Co

I couldn’t write this post and not include Tiffany’s!  Although relatively mass in the last few years, they are still the iconic ‘wedding’ jeweller.  Classic and simple.  Also, I was gifted one as bridesmaid a few years ago and I absolutely adore it, it goes with everything.  The Tiffany’s logo looks stamped but not brash.  Elegant with any outfit and your bridesmaid will always remember receiving the little blue box! 

From:  £60 (£100 if you want a Tiffany’s chain too though)
Perfect for:  Your bridesmaid you went to school with.  

Monica Vinader

I first came across this designer when looking for something special for my sisters 30th birthday a few years ago.  I ended up buying her rose gold earrings which I think I loved more than she did!  At the time Monica Vinader was only available in Selfridges and Liberty, but now she has several outposts including her own discreet boutiques in Canary Wharf, Chelsea and Mayfair.  Don’t let that put you off though, she’s still a relatively exclusive designer.  Her new Alphabet collection (#wearyourletter) is totally unique; instead of just doing letters, each letter of the alphabet has its own font (below). These look particularly cool when stacked together, especially with her additional ampersand (‘&’) available. -Buy in different metals (gold, rose gold and silver available) for maximum effect.  Free additional engraving also offered.   

From:  £80 (£110 if you want a Monica Vinader chain too though)
Perfect for:  Your bridesmaid who loves rose gold.  

Astley Clarke

If you’re not keen on alphabet jewellery, or your bridesmaid already has an initialed necklace, the next best option is to buy something for her to wear on the day.  Not saying that an initialed necklace can’t be worn on the day, but they are not especially occasion wear.  Astley Clarke jewellery proves sophisticated and classy every time – you can’t go wrong if you pick something from her Stilla or Prismic ranges.  The details are elegant, perfectly understated, and will suit any bridesmaid dress.  The chains also come with different clasp loops to create different lengths when worn.  I received a pearl necklace from Astley Clarke from my sister on her wedding day (unfortunately no longer available!) and will cherish it forever. 

From:  £95 including adjustable length chain
Perfect for:  Your sister or cousin.