Nautical Theme Wedding

In case you missed my nautical theme I ran on Instagram last weekend, here is a whistle-stop summary: 

(From top, left to right)  

1.    ‘The Adventure Begins’
Subtle details on decorative signage can help to kick off your theme, or pull it together.  White paint on wood conveys a soft beachy feel, while the anchor cements the nautical theme.  
Photo by @brides

2.    Sapphire and diamond bracelet from the latest Blue Book Collection by Tiffany & Co
Your theme can be personal to you by using small details in your jewellery and accessories, rather than decorations at your venue.  This pattern is gorgeously oceanic.  
Photo by @tiffanyandco

3.    Mini fish and chips
Who doesn’t love miniature food?!  This is a more relaxed way to do canapés; I especially love them popped into these cute little cones!  This would also work well for a more casual style buffet wedding dinner.
Photo by @108marylebonelane

4.    ‘Tying The Knot’ lifesaver
Customise with rope to emphasise the caption, and your theme, and top off with the date and your names.
Photo by @mariposacruises

5.    ‘Shoes here, vows there, love everywhere’
More beachy signage, but this time helpful for your guests rather than just decorative!  Make your wedding a little more interesting by doing some fun signage yourself, in your own personalised font.  
Photo by @bridebookhq

6.    Rope table setting
If you’re not big on decorations this is an easy way to do nautical.  Choose contrasting colours for rope and napkin combinations, and use clean new rope to avoid it looking rustic.  Navy and white works well here but is not overpowering.
Photo by @planit254

7.    Octopus cake pops
So fun and just adorable!  Food (and cakes or sweets in particular) is a fun way to continue your theme.  If you’re not an experienced baker though, leave this one to the experts!  
Photo by @sweetnsaucyshop

8.    Homemade starfish cakes
Continuing the food theme with one you can try at home!  Use colour and texture to experiment.  These are homemade rice crispie cakes, but it would work with most cakes given the right shape and some colour on top.
Photo by @darianjennings

9.    ‘Two less fish in the sea’
Printed letters on bunting, add to the caption by hanging fishing net in the background.
Photo by @sosmittenspecialevents

10.    Nautical cake pops

I love cake pops, they’re a more modern way to do a wedding cake or cupcakes.  These pops lend themselves to look like buoys, so use colours accordingly.  The anchor again helps to convey the theme.
Photo by @paintedandsprinkled

11.    Boat of fruit
First prize for effort goes to @akmaverick574!  This would look amazing on a dessert table or as snacks later on in the evening of your wedding.  The boat is made from a hollowed out melon, then chopsticks make masts to display sails made from melon skin.  Fill with a deliciously colourful fruit salad.   
Photo by @akmaverick

There are many different ways you can incorporate a theme, from the style of your dress or bridesmaid dresses, through to your venue, decorations, or even just your food.  It doesn’t have to be maximum impact either, subtle details are key; you don’t want your wedding to look like a kid’s party.  Don’t be afraid to try new ideas, but always give them a test run before the week of your wedding!  I’ve learned from experience that the how-to picture guides on Pinterest aren’t always as easy as they look!

That said, don’t get bogged down with trying to pick a theme if it doesn’t naturally come to you, or if you are not absolutely in love with it.  If you don’t put your heart into it, it could come across a bit sloppy – or you could just end up hating all things nautical by the time your wedding actually comes around!  

Keep an eye on my Instagram and Pinterest for more inspiration.