Trending Bouquets – Wild and Rustic

Wild and rustic bouquets could have many interpretations, but something more boho has been overtaking Instagram this summer.  As soon as spring was over, wild and rustic boho bouquets were a thing. 

Their stripped back simplicity takes the stress out of your bouquet, and can easily be done yourself if you know where to get the right bunches. 

The key to this look is to avoid it being too heavy on top; keep the weight evenly distributed between the top and the bottom and don’t let any heads go bushy to keep the look clean and crisp.  It’s also good to stagger the heights at the top so it looks graduated and doesn’t look too severe – emulate a fountain shape, rather than a bursting muffin top, like a traditional bouquet. 

Personalise by adding your own coloured ribbon or lace wrapped around the stems; experiment with the width of the wrap to make a statement, or to link into a theme with the rest of your day.  The makeup of these bouquets means the colours are going to be naturally more subdued and subtle, so don’t be afraid to mix a couple of different colours or tones into your ribbons or lace.  Draping, relaxed ribbons with long tails are particularly complimentary to this boho style of bouquet. 

Key stems to ask for include: 


Natural and neutral tones:
Olive leaves
White Lavender

More voluminous:
Baby’s Breath
Purple Gypsophila

These types of stems also keep very well, and look very pretty even when dried out.  This means you can easily prepare your bouquets 1-2 days before your wedding and they’ll still look great on the day, if not better.  This is also an added bonus and value for money for lasting memories in your bedroom when you arrive back from your honeymoon.  Lavender is a particular favourite of mine because it keeps its smell very well, even when dried out. 

Check out my Pinterest page on rustic bouquets for more inspiration by clicking here.