Virtual (and free) Makeup Trial App

Can’t afford a makeup artist?  No problem!  L’Oréal have created a revolutionary app called… wait for it, L’Oréal Makeup Genius.  This is, in L’Oréal’s words, the first ever virtual makeup tester. 

“Instantly apply makeup onto your own reflection in real-time.   Makeup follows your face as you move and make expressions.   Choose from an endless array of products and expertly-curated makeup looks.   Try before you buy anytime, anywhere.”

Your screen turns into a real time mirror via your front facing camera; first, the app scans your face, then you can scroll through different looks and products and the app (almost seemingly magnetically), attaches each combination to the correct part of your face.  I am amazed at the technology in this app, it’s like something from the future; like when you used to see Judy Jetson scrolling through her wardrobe and it seemed insane. 

This is a short(ish) post but I just had to share… This is quite literally a makeup genius!  It’s more fun than actually putting new make up on, in real life!  It’s ideal for trying new colours and new looks for your wedding, allowing you to be a lot more adventurous than you normally would – without having 2 packets of baby wipes on standby!  It’s actually much better than a real life make up trial, as you get to try as many looks and products as you like!  The possibilities are endless. 

You get a real feel for what colours suit you best, and you can try out the hundreds of shades available via L’Oréal.  As the app works via a real time reflection, you can move around at different angles to really see how the hues and tones work with your face shape. 

The easy way in, if the vast range of individual products seems a little overwhelming, is to use the easy ‘looks’ options, where you can choose from variety of celebrity and catwalk looks – from Cheryl to Karlie, from natural to smoky, from nudes to reds, from winter to power.  Switch between each effortlessly, and the app slaps the whole look on your whole face instantly.  Once you gain some confidence using it like this, you can then start to build and save your own looks from the bottom up.  This app has been completely enlightening for me, as I’m not confident with makeup and generally stick to what I know – who knew I could pull off baby pink lips?! 

The only thing is, the ‘buy’ function is not yet supported in the UK, but to be honest I’m kind of glad, I would have spent a small fortune already if this function was live!  That said, it stores all your products, so it’s super easy to find them online or simply go to your nearest counter to purchase your look.  The only danger is that you’ll fall in love with too many, but at L’Oréal prices, as opposed to the Mac your makeup artist might use, it’s totally affordable.   

Obviously the app works best on a fresh face with no makeup on so you get a true indication of what suits you.  

My fiancé couldn’t resist a go either….

Free via the app store, for iOS and Andriod.


Image below from the lovely Lola at  
(I wasn’t brave enough to post my own looks – I’m still experimenting!)