Autumn Theme Wedding

Have you recently got engaged or are you just deliberating over ‘setting a date’ next year?  At this point, summer may seem too soon, but autumn may be the perfect answer.  With warm hues and comfort food, there’s so much more you can do to be creative with autumn than summer.  It’s also likely that an autumn wedding will be slightly cheaper than a summer wedding – and you’ll have more flexibility/availability with your dates.  In case you missed my autumn theme I ran on Instagram the other week, here is a summary to give you some inspiration to fall in love with:

(From top, left to right) 

1.    Autumn theme invitations with leaves 
These invitations are simple yet instantly convey an autumnal theme.  The range of colours used adds depth here but doesn’t restrict any colour themes.
Photo by @atristicallyinvited

2.    Rustic table setting 
Your theme can take many forms, from obvious to abstract.  I love the rustic country feel of this table, with more foliage and leaves used than flowers.  The pops of colour makes it less rustic and more autumnal.
Photo by @grazia_live

3.    Autumn bouquets
These are just a few different colours and ways to do autumn wedding flowers.  You don’t have to stick to bright oranges for autumn, these are a little more abstract.  The top image is a classic flower arrangement, using softer oranges with green hued white roses and lots of green leaves.  The bottom left image incorporates more dusky pinks with some more unusual protea flowers and mixed textures, and the bottom right image is a variety of warm greens using lots of foliage.
Photos by @junebugweddings, @specialeventsplanner, and @seedfloral

4.    ‘Cakepops of colour’ wedding cake
While colours instantly and easily convey themes, shapes can add depth.  Play around with shapes and colours to fit your personality and taste.  The loose crisscross pattern on the base of this cake and the cakepop sticks push this cake in the direction of autumn rather than spring, evoking ideas of autumn trees.  Don’t feel you need to be restricted with colour.
Photo by @fabyoubliss

5.    Easy décor using things you can find at the supermarket! 
It’s easy to get carried away with a theme!  Be careful to consider if any extra value will be added to your day by additional décor, or if it will only be you that notices!  It’s so easy to spend a fortune, so things you can easily buy from the supermarket make great money savers.  Autumn fruit and veg is a great way to add colour, and things like pine cones and chestnuts are easy to collect nearer the time – rope family in to help you scavenge for these.  Some autumn veg used in this pic include pumpkins, swede, and butternut squash.
Photo by @rebekahjmurray

6.    Lipsticks by Pixi Beauty

Your theme can be as discreet as you want it to be.  These rich lipsticks are perfect warming colours for an autumn wedding.  Keep the rest of your makeup natural.
Photo by @pixibeauty

7.    Candy apple lollipops
Yum!  If you’re not bold enough to go full on with an autumn colour scheme, speak to your caterer about ways you can add touches through your food or desserts.  These are a super simple (and cheap) dessert or favour.  With an apple as your base, the possibilities are endless for your toppings!  Another fun idea would be to make a ‘candy apple station’, where guests can decorate their own.
Photos by @sweetsbymonique

8.    Floral wedding crown
This crown uses one larger flower in the middle as a focal point – use this as your favourite colour, then use other colours and textures to make it autumnal.  The golden and green tones give a harvest feel here.
Photo by @trianglephotography

9.    Wooden ring box
What a gorgeous keepsake box!  This one has been personalised and luxed up with some gorgeous lace inside.  This will make your ceremony a little more theatrical – but who wouldn’t want to show this off?!  The acorns are a cute touch for the photo too.
Photo by @weddinggallerydesign

10.    Crafted pumpkins
Get creative – nothing is more autumnal than pumpkins and they are great for colour!  Get friends and family involved with carving to help ease the load; this is a good excuse to get some pals together before the wedding.  These can be used for fun signs, initials, dates, or even for table numbers.  If you’re not so crafty with a knife, or simply don’t have the time in the run up to your wedding, try using them to prop up flowers inside your venue.
Photos by @the_wedding_collection, @wedding_by_ferlya and @truel0vewaits

11.    Leaf place settings
Such a cheap and original way to do place settings!  Make sure your leaves are thoroughly dry before spray painting.  I love the gold used here, but you could use virtually any colour as the leaves are the main focal point.
Photo by @weddinghelperuk

12.    Wedding wands

These are whimsical, so can take any form you want them to!  Use colour to tie in with other areas of your day, but you could also accessorise these with acorns or smaller pine cones for extra autumn gravitas.  Can be used for before or after your ceremony, or to add to your grand entrance as husband and wife as your enter your reception venue.  Mixed colours and tones will look great in your photos and the kids will love them!
Photo by @meiganphoto

Autumn is an easy theme if you don’t really have a theme… it’s a fun way to add personal touches without getting too overwhelmed with colour, as the season lends itself to natural tones as well as brighter colours.  Saying that, colour is an easy way to touch on autumnal without having to spell it out – pumpkins and foliage are great for this.  But remember it’s your wedding, choose things that you love and that are personal to both of you.

These are just some fun ideas, but don’t get stressed if it’s been 6 months and you still don’t have ‘a theme’.  If I had a penny for every time someone has asked me what my theme is… I’ve ended up going with flowers in season for the time of year and have picked complimentary colours around these – it can be as simple as that.

Keep an eye on my Instagram and Pinterest for more inspiration.

-Some more autumn inspiration below that didn’t quite make it onto Instagram!


Photo credits, from top, left to right:  @clkbouquets, @southernwedding, @the_wedding_collection, @redstarbakery, @libertylndngirl, @botanicalpaperworks