Hen Party Packing – In My Suitcase

I’m packing to go on my hen do tomorrow and I’m on my 5th practise pack!  This was so hard because I’m leaving a rainy and cold London to go to warmer climates in the med, and I only have carryon luggage – for 6 days! 

Here are some essentials that I’ve narrowed it down to… 

Aspinal Travel Wallet + Passport Holder

I am a control freak and love being organised, so these are my ideal travel companions!  I love getting all my documents and my boarding pass together, it’s part of the holiday process for me and gets me excited for the trip ahead.  Plus they are super stylish!  An amazing gift from my amazing sister – my maid of honour. 

Travel Size Batiste

I literally cannot live without Batiste in normal life, never mind when I’m on holiday!  I dye my hair blond so the white powder effect works quite well when my roots are coming in! 

Tom Ford Lipstick in Matte Ruby Rush
This was an expensive buy but it was a splurge I had with a Selfridges gift voucher last year, and the lipstick is still going!  It’s such a luxurious and rich red it glams up any outfit – whatever I’m wearing.  This is a key piece because it means I can dress up shorts in the evening, as I have limited clothes!   

Mac Glitter Pots  
I never leave for a big night out or a festival without glitter these days!  It’s addictive!  I got a pack of 20 cute ones last year for my sister’s hen do that came in different colours and tiny little pots with corks, and I never looked back!  I’ve moved on to Mac these days, but a touch of sparkle is sure to liven up any night out! 

Havaianas Flipflops
I got a pair of Havaianas as a gift when I graduated and they’ve lasted me up until this summer – over 8 years!  Enough said.    

Uniqlo Denim Shorts
These are a wardrobe staple of mine…  I can’t stand the Topshop ones that show too much bum cheek, the ASOS high waisted ‘mom’ shorts, or the cheap ones from Zara.  None of them are really fitting for my age or figure.  Uniqlo never fails for hardwearing classics. 

Marc by Marc Jacobs Neon Yellow Crossbody Bag
This is loud, but a neon colour doesn’t necessarily have to match with anything.  This is a favourite because its crossbody, and can take me from day to night.  It’s just big enough to fit what I need for the day, including my massive sunglasses, but its small enough (although not inconspicuous) to take out at night too.  The inside zip pouch also fits my currency and passport. 

Balenciaga Sunglasses
I love these because they cover my whole face!  I got them for a knockdown price at a US outlet shopping mall and cannot live without them when I have a hangover. 

New Pyjamas

I have terrible mismatched pyjamas resembling a 19 year old me, consisting of a couple of old band t-shirts and lots of holey leggings.  A matching pair for my hen do was a must to save me from sheer embarrassment.   
Medicine Pouch    
Containing allergy tablets, paracetamol, Pro Plus and Echinacea.  Allergy tablets because my skin seems to be sensitive to everything these days, and they help with my skin when I drink too much wine!  I seem to be slightly allergic to sugary things and I need all the help I can get in a bikini, too.  Paracetamol and Pro Plus for obvious opposing reasons, and Echinacea to ward off colds from drinking too much and bad air conditioning on the plane.  

Spare Carrier Bags    
Never underestimate how handy a spare carrier bag can be.  If only for your dirty washing or sandy trainers. 

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