Wedding Décor Inspiration from Mykonos

I just returned yesterday from my hen do in Mykonos and I wanted to share a quick post of some wedding décor inspiration I spotted on my travels.  I fully intend on doing a post of what I got up to in Mykonos, but this is just some photos of some details that inspired me – and could be easily adopted and adapted to enhance any wedding.  The shops and restaurants alike are all very tasteful and stylish in the town, so I wasn’t stuck for inspiration. 

The photos above and below were taken at our last lunch in Mykonos town, at a super cute taverna called ‘Familia’ on Goumenio Square.  All the tavernas in the square have a similar but different take on this romantic, rustic Greek style.  I love this stripped back style, but the hanging flowers also give it a pop of colour in the centre of the restaurant and make it feel a little cosier.  The entwined ropes give it a nautical feel, and are more visible in the photo below if you wanted to copy the pattern.  I love the ropes just used as simple decoration, however here they actually have soft hued lightbulbs threaded through them for the evening.  Mismatched bottles containing dried flowers (perfect for the heat) made the restaurant feel more relaxed, and the white walls meant it didn’t look too fussy.  I also loved the simple ornaments on the shelf (below) that didn’t go overboard on the nautical theme.  

I saw the decorative tree below outside a luxe homewares store; the tree was white washed and had lots of little hanging hearts with love notes or positive messages on them.  I thought this would be a brilliant idea for an alternative guest book.  The lanterns below have been white washed too, but the added rope make them a little more rustic/nautical, depending on what look you’re going for. 

The three photos below are gorgeous lighting ideas using natural materials from the island – all guaranteed to add atmosphere.  They all have totally different looks, but my favourite is the globe pendant light with the knotted rope patterned around the bulb, I’ve never seen anything like this before!  They had similar ones at a restaurant opposite to ‘Familia’ when we passed by Goumenio Square on a previous night, and the light coming through the rope was so soft and warm.  -It was actually what drew me back there for lunch!  The last photo is similar to the roped lights in the first photos above, but I love the way it’s thrown around white washed wood here.  So simple yet super stylish.  

In a different store, I saw the below napkin holders.  If you didn’t want to go all out with a nautical theme, these would do it perfectly in only one detail!  I love the range of natural colours and textures used, and I was so inspired I went straight to the beach afterwards to go foraging!  

Last but not least, hidden down a little alley was this gorgeous Greek Church with simple blue and white bunting outside.  The pattern of the Greek flag has been alternated to add depth to the decoration.  I’m not advocating flags necessarily, but these two balanced colours look lovely against the white washed walls here.   Don’t rule bunting out, it doesn’t need to be all Cath Kidston – there’s lots of classical ways it can be done.  

Stay tuned for more on my hen do in Mykonos, and have a look at my Instagram and Twitter if you want to have a look at what I got up to. 



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      Aww thank you Rose! I loved it – made me want to ditch my London wedding for a whimsical one on the med! Such a beautiful island! xx