The Vintage Wedding Fayre – Highlights

I’m always charmed with anything labelled ‘vintage’ so when I saw The Vintage Wedding Fayre pop up on my Facebook last week I was intrigued.  Delighted to find out it was only 3 stops away from me on the tube, I popped along on Sunday for some inspiration.

On first entrance, I was surprised to see that York Hall can actually be hired as a wedding venue itself.  Surprised because with my upcoming wedding, I thought I had scoured through every venue East London had to offer!  It has a lovely character, and whilst I can’t say for sure it would have made my shortlist, it definitely ticks a lot of boxes for me – not least location, accessibility and proximately to a tube stop, as well as my house. 

A small selection of handpicked vendors were spread spaciously from the centre of York Hall at Bethnal Green, which was refreshing, as usually at these things you’re crammed in and it’s all a bit overwhelming.  The large hall made the selection look small, but there was more than enough to keep me entertained without making me feel confused!  There wasn’t the same variety that normally adorns traditional wedding fayres, or the usual London suspects (Prezola, Brides, the usual luxury travel agents), but it was a very specific set of local stylised vendors.  It was very tastefully done, here is a summary and some highlights: 

Shoes and accessories by Rachel Simpson at The Vintage Wedding Shop. 

New designed to look vintage.  20% off Rachel’s shoes with code ‘TVWF’ via or Facebook The Vintage Wedding Shop until 14th Nov. 

Cakes by The Custom Cake Boutique

As the name suggests, they don’t specialise in one particular look.  Everything is custom, and gorgeously detailed. 

Vintage china tea sets inc cake tiers by The China Tea Cup.

Reclaimed vintage tea sets and wedding styling.  Very twee but lots of different colours and patterns to choose from.  Such a lovely personal service, the ladies there on Sunday were so friendly.  So sweet! 

Illuminated lettering by Illuminography.
Illuminating letters, numbers and event props in various sizes.  These caught my eye and really added great ambiance to the vast hall.

Dried and preserved flower pieces by Sophie and Luna
All flowers were real but dried and preserved, so they were light as a feather but will last forever; literally keep your wedding flowers forever.  What a great memento.

Bridal accessories by Chantal Mallet Bridal Couture
All pieces were one of a kind, true vintage glamour.  Who doesn’t want to wear a crown on their wedding day?!

The Vintage Wedding Singer provided great atmosphere and his sound was soft, but great, in York Hall. 
The gramophone was such a neat touch – and it worked!  

Gorgeous selection of vintage inspired dresses by Vintage Trousseau Bridalwear
Although vintage inspired, the collection was slick and modern and featured in Brides last month.  I had my eye on a soft tulle skirt after deliberating with the idea of ditching my dress for separates.  All main pieces unique and made to order.