Bride Beauty – Nail Trends

Gone are the days of French manicures!  With nail art becoming increasingly popular, WAH nails have recently opened their very first standalone store-come-studio in Dalston (where you can do a day’s masterclass and buy lots of cool tools for your talons afterwards), and brands like House of Holland are endorsing the trend by adding nail art stickers to their repertoire.  Wedding nails are not what they used to be. 

Here are my top trends for what’s new in nails at the moment:  

‘The Paint Can’ Spray On Nails by Nails Inc

You’ve heard of stick on nails, but spray on nails?  Newly released by Nails Inc, their latest product offers super-fast drying and requires minimal attention to detail.  Perfect for any bride in a rush!  However, obviously spray on means it’s not going to be super precise, but Nails Inc claims you can ‘wipe’ away any excess with a facial wipe (base coat needed first, though).  Maximum coverage guaranteed.  The only problem is, this magic formula only comes in 2 colours at the moment – a cool grey and a hot pink.  Perfect for brides on the go, budget brides, or brides having a weekend wedding where changing your nails each day is as compulsory as changing your outfit.   

Nails Inc, RRP £10.  Colours are ‘Shoreditch Lane’ (grey) and ‘Hoxton Market’ (pink).

‘Colour Chrome’ by Models Own

Metallic colours were trending majorly at New York Bridal Week, so I’m not surprised to see the ripple effect into beauty.  This season, Models Own have added five new shades to their successful ‘Colour Chrome’ collection.  Dubbed to give ‘a liquid metal effect’, these colours are bold, but give such a cool and striking effect once done.  What’s more, Models Own say you don’t need a basecoat or a top coat.  Definitely a bonus if you plan on doing your own nails!  I’ve got my eye on the rose gold one (above – ‘Colour Chrome Rose’). 

Models Own, RRP £4.99.  10 colours available. 

Warm, Dark Colours

Deep, rich colour has come back around and looks super sophisticated with a light coloured dress (i.e. wedding dress).  Think; blood red, burgundy, deep ruby, and dark berry colours.  At the last wedding I was at in November, the bride had a gorgeous white dress with warm, dark ‘rouge noir’ type nails for a wonderful winter wedding.  This really made them stand out against her gown, and looked so eye catching with her wedding ring.  –Perfect for photos.  (Keep a look out for more on this wedding at a later date on the blog).  If you’re doing your own nails, treat yourself to a Chanel polish – the brush is the best I’ve used; it’s fine and delicate, so it makes DIY jobs easy and helps to avoid any clumsy mistakes if you’re in a rush (or nervous), and you can’t go wrong with any of Chanel’s rich glossy colours. 

Chanel, RRP £18.

Nails Inc PRO

According to Nails Inc, nail technicians have long requested an expert and hardwearing nail polish for the professional market.  It seems Nails Inc have come up with the goods, producing a polish with a gel like finish, high shine and extreme durability and longevity.  Just launched earlier this year and only available exclusively at Salon Services UK, I think this will be a massive hit.  I’m always chipping my nails within a day of a new manicure, and can’t wait to try this.  Perfect for any bride, but especially good for those who like planning ahead and want to get their nails done the day before, at the least. 

Nails Inc at Salon Services UK, RRP £6.25.

Organic and Natural

With everything else hyper sensitive to organic and natural these days, it’s no surprise that nails have gone that way too!  Two brands that have caught my eye recently are Soigné and Little Ondine.  Soigné makes pretty pastels shades from plants that are carcinogen-free and kind to nails – but still pigment heavy for great colour.  Little Ondine is revolutionising nail colour with polishes that are made from only three natural ingredients; water, resin and colourants.  It apparently doesn’t require nail polish remover as it is easy to peel off, and is odour free and quick drying.  With over 80 colours to choose from, you can paint your nails every day from the moment you get engaged! 

Soigné, RRP £11.
Little Ondine, RRP £9.20.