2016 Resolutions

Carrying on from my 2015 highlights, I gave my best go at some new year’s resolutions.  Again, some are quite cliché in the lead up to my wedding, but I’ve been reading lots of other blogs where even the most boring resolutions have inspired me, so I hope mine inspire you in some way too.

1. Not prioritise my blog over my wedding!

I did all the fun stuff of planning my wedding first, so now it just seems like the boring stuff left to do!  Time and time again I log on to my computer to do wedding stuff, scanning through my wedding excel sheets, and somehow I find myself lost in my statistics for my blog analysing my page views, or on Photoshop editing posts!  Now I have my blog up and running it will still be there after my wedding, and as my wedding is now only 3 months away, I really need to re-prioritise!  

2. Give blood – after my honeymoon

I love giving blood, it really gives me a sense of achievement – just one pint of blood donated can save up to 3 lives (which could quite easily be babies lives).  I’ve got back into a good habit of giving blood regularly again over the last few years, however, every time I have given blood in the last year I’ve had the most terrible cold afterwards!  In the weeks following my last 3 donations it just so happened I’ve had a birthday or a drinks to go to, so I’m sure it’s purely because I’ve diluted my blood and then proceeded to go out at the weekend and weaken my immune system further, but I’m not going to take the chance again before my wedding!  I have scheduled my next 2 appointments for when I get back from my honeymoon via blood.co.uk.

3. Not waste as much time on ASOS

This one is pretty self-explanatory.  If I spent as much time on my wedding as I have on ASOS over the past 6 months, I’d be plain sailing by now and would be able to work on my blog more.  If I spent as much time on my blog as I have on ASOS over the past 6 months, I might be making money from it by now!

4. Actually read my magazine subscriptions

I have a familiar pang of guilt inside if one of my magazine subscriptions comes through the door and I haven’t actually managed to read the last one yet.  I subscribe to Elle (monthly) and Brides (6 issues per year) and can’t help feeling that sometimes it’s a waste of money… I feel like I have so little time these days (as well as planning my wedding, I also have serious FOMO so I can never say no to a social event) but I can’t bring myself to cancel either of my subscriptions for fear of missing out in some way too!  Also, if I were to have a break in the chronological reel of magazines on my bookcase, my inner OCD couldn’t cope.  I’d much rather keep getting them delivered and not read them, but it would be much better if I could allocate some ‘me’ time to actually enjoy them this year!

5. Take more photos (and actually download them from my phone sometimes)

This was one of my new year’s resolutions last year, however I only remembered about it about a month ago!  I also have a terrible memory so having some kind of visual diary is useful for me, as well as enjoyable….!  Christmas was good and full of photos, but I’ve no idea what I was doing (or with whom) the rest of the year.

6. Always cleanse, tone and moisturise

This is going to sound ridiculous but I only actually started having a proper skin care routine quite recently.  Prior to this, I was only giving my face a rough wipe at night with a face wipe, and was wondering why I never had great skin in the morning!  (This is mildly embarrassing since I used to work for a luxury skincare company.)  With a cheap Boots cucumber essentials cleanser and toner and a slightly more expensive moisturiser, my skin has been transformed and I can’t believe the difference from something so simple.  Long may it continue.  Certainly until the wedding, at least.

7. Meal plan and make my lunch to take into work

This is for both economic and health reasons.  I’ve saved about £20 on lunches so far since being back at work, and I feel like I’ve already lost some of my Christmas bloat from healthier eating alone.  I just need to allocate some time to doing this, after all of my other ambitious time sensitive resolutions!  

8. Go to yoga at least once a week

This should hopefully be an easy one as my fiancé and I have already paid a Yogasphere membership from now until June.  I am somewhat more inclined to go when I have already paid for something (exc the magazine subscriptions!) but with both of us going, it’s easy to motivate each another.  Plus, it’s fun and it’s our time to chill out together and forget the world, while also toning up for the wedding.

Have I missed any key wedding planning resolutions?!  -Let me know if anyone has any other good ones I can add!

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