Wedding Trends – Chanel Haute Couture SS16

Haute Couture shows rarely disappoint, but I was absolutely taken with the Chanel show on Tuesday.  I adore Chanel anyway, simple chic designs and monochrome mood boards – from patent pumps to neon nail polish, the super brand rarely gets it wrong.  The haute couture show on Tuesday had me swooning and got me inspired to rethink my wedding hair, and in fact reconsider my whole wedding look! 

The Chanel Croissant

First and foremost, the croissant.  New. Wedding. Hair. Trend.  Alert.  This was instantly all over Instagram through various Chanel regrams, but started by being quite proudly paraded by Sam McKnight (sammckight1), the hair stylist of the show.  His pics of his new creation, coined the #chanelcroissant, amassed a jaw dropping 12k in combined likes – much more (on average per pic) than any of his other hair styled pics.  It also helped that Kendall Jenner was walking in the show (she is the middle pic below).  I love this and it looked totally chic against the backdrop of a Chanel haute couture show, but I can’t help thinking if I tried it that I might look like a strange Princess Leia…?    

Dramatic but Simple Make Up

I wish I was daring enough to wear this make up on my wedding day!  C’est très chic.  However, this also ties in perfectly with the Star Wars theme… 

Striking Silhouettes and Cute Capes

The clothes look a million dollars (which isn’t far off with some haute couture pieces) and capes are making a comeback.  It was the rise of the ‘capelet’ last summer, and now these.  I am getting married in April so these would be perfect for the unpredictable British weather, or a lovely touch for a winter wedding.  Imagine your photos outside with one of these on?  Love.  Love.  Love.  

I loved everything about this show, if I had enough money I would wear Chanel head to toe on my wedding day but I will quite happily settle for a croissant. 



  1. / 8:20 am

    Personally, I'm not exited about such types of haircuts. These girls look like princess Leia from Star Wars episodes. It looks pretty cool, definitely, but I'm not sure this is a perfect fit to a wedding day. I'm sorry if it touches you, but as for me, a bride must be like an angel, not a warrior. It must be stunning and amazing haircuts, such as Elstyle do for their girls. Take a closer look at, they looks truly perfect.

    • / 8:25 am

      So beautiful Lauren! Definitely a different look 🙂 x