Personalised Favours Like Poppy Delevingne

A few weeks ago I was lucky enough to be gifted some personalised cupcakes from Eat Your Photo.  Aside from obviously getting free cake, I was quite happy to endorse them as a great idea for favours or wedding treats, which they haven’t really seemed to capitalise on yet.   

Whilst planning my own wedding, the main thing I have always had in my head is that I want it to be different to anyone else’s.  Anyone can do a wedding straight out of Brides magazine (with enough money), but I want my guests to know they are at my wedding.  Thus, like every bride I’m sure, I’ve tried to make mine as personalised as I can, without being too cheesy…!  So when ‘Eat Your Photo’ showed up on my Twitter feed, I just had to share; they would make great wedding favours or a cute alternative to a wedding cake.   

Upon further research, I found that Poppy Delevingne actually had ones very similar at her hen party (above), personalised with a photo of each hen – so cute and totally Instagram-able!  Her hens, including her younger sister Cara, enjoyed these personalised cakes at The Ivy before partying at various (then) trendy bars and clubs across London. 
To get my own personalised cupcakes, I simply sent Eat Your Photo a jpeg of my logo, and voila; the cakes arrived in the post right to my door.  I have to say I was a bit suspicious about how they would arrive coming all the way from Derbyshire (especially since they had to get past the clumsy concierge in my building), but even though they arrived upside down, the cakes themselves were still in perfect condition.   

Their website isn’t cutting edge graphic design, but it is very clear and easy to use.  Their personalised cupcakes start at £35 for 24 (that’s £1.46 per cake), but they also do lots of other alternatives, like personalised cookies and chocolate lollipops.  If you’re on a budget, the personalised cake toppers are a really good option too.  You can get one giant topper for £9.50, or else a sheet of 30 small cupcake sized ones for £12 (that’s 40p per topper, not including baking your own cakes!). 

Something easy like this, available over the internet, really appealed to me – in my ‘up and coming’ area of East London, I don’t have a specialist local baker on hand, nor is it the sort of thing I can order from M&S.  I found this such a nice idea to give your hen party or wedding that extra special touch, individual to you. 

It’s fun just to get cakes with your face on them anyway, even if you’re not getting married!

Here’s some other ideas for graphics I’ve pulled from Pinterest to give you some more inspiration (most of these are badges, but you get the idea):



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