Wedding Diary – The Penultimate Week

I’m a little late with this update, for wedding planning reasons!  Here is a rundown of what’s going on in wedding world, in my penultimate week as single lady…

Sat 9th April

My fiancé came back from Geneva a little worse for wear.  After working long days and nights, then crashing out on the sofa last night, he is not very well today.  We decided to ditch yoga and head to The Breakfast Club at Canary Wharf for a sinful brunch instead.  I went up to feed my sister’s cat afterwards and then popped to Stratford to get some last bits for the wedding (from Poundland and Wilkinsons amongst others!).  I arrived home about 4pm absolutely shattered, so we watched another episode of ‘The People Vs OJ Simpson’ as some wedding relief.  

Sun 10th April

Today we had a meeting with our florist in Islington at 11am.  That meant and early-ish rise around 8am to leave the house about 10.15am.  I was expecting to see a visualisation of my flowers, but the normal woman I deal with wasn’t in today.  However, I was ecstatic to find out they had managed to source a particular type of flower I had in mind – which is totally dependent on the season and usually quite hard to get hold of.  I had actually completely forgotten about it, so it was a lovely surprise!  We also confirmed final payment and pickups for the day.  After that we headed out to Ashford for one of my best friends 30th birthday celebrations. 

Mon 11th April

I read an article today on the tube about the wonders of green tea for your skin in the lead up to your wedding so dashed to buy some from M&S on my way to work.  I made the mistake of having 3 cups of green tea throughout the day (including one at 5pm) then struggled to get to sleep at 11pm!  I clearly got a bit carried away as I don’t normally have caffeine at all.  On my lunch break I went to Fortnum & Mason across the road to run some wedding errands and then booked a pre-honeymoon wax.  We had a skype with our band at 8pm and had a good laugh over the list of cheesy ‘do not play’ songs and artists! 

Tue 12th April

Breakfast today was Nutella on toast with chai seeds sprinkled on top – I’m really trying to maximise on the superfoods this week!!  I went home via my hairdressers at Oxford Circus to do a skin test with them in preparation for having my colour done on Thursday.  I usually do my colour myself but thought I should get it done properly for the wedding!  The bus company confirmed the final payment was due today, then our photographer emailed to confirm that we were still on for meeting her tomorrow night and presented us with an offer we couldn’t refuse… a well-known Canadian photographer asked her if he can second shoot at our wedding to build his portfolio!  It seems like a good deal, so we didn’t hesitate to take her up on it after we had checked out his portfolio and Instagram. 

Wed 13th April

Today I dutifully followed up with the bus payment – after the honeymoon wire transfer went ‘missing’ for a week I am always a bit anxious!!  We met our photographer at a cute café at the Southbank after work.  We knew her from emailing and skype, but this was the first time we had met her in person.  She is super excited about our wedding as it’s the first wedding she will do since she got married herself!  She was super bubbly and easy to talk to, and we’re now even more excited!  

Thu 14th April

My florist sent through a photo of a mock-up of my bouquet today as she wasn’t there on Sunday.  I love it but I have asked her to put more blues in it, and less pink.  My work very generously gave me a bespoke fragrance experience as a wedding present and today was my appointment.  My bottle is engraved with our wedding date and after a few hours I left with something that reflects my bouquet; it’s romantic yet fresh and herby, with notes of coriander and blackberry.  I had an appointment to get my hair done straight after work, and after a long day I collapsed at home somewhere around 10pm.  

Fri 15th April

I was manic in work preparing for a short week next week.  I’m only in Mon-Wed next week, so I was trying my best to get through all of Monday and Tuesday’s work today!  I tried to squeeze in some honeymoon shopping on my lunch break but only ended up with an extended saved list on Asos. 

This week was supposed to be the last main to-dos, so that hopefully next week will just be focusing on finishing up in work, with the aim of plain sailing and party time thereafter!