I Need Your Help!

You may have seen on my social media that a few weeks ago, I took a leap of faith and left my 9-5 job to pursue my own business – Devine Bride!  I was scared 2 months ago when I handed in my notice, I was scared 2 weeks ago when I finally finished up at work, and I’m still scared now, but also excited to grow my business. 

Through my blog and the success of my own wedding, I started to receive requests for wedding help and advice from friends and family, and more recently readers of my blog – and so Devine Bride branched out into wedding tasking and wedding services (check out my services page here).  I wasn’t very happy or particularly fulfilled at my day job, so I thought I would at least give Devine Bride my best shot.  I couldn’t stand the thought of being miserable in 10 years’ time, thinking, what if?  And if not now, then when? 

Then my sister sent me an encouraging quote from Instagram, and I was sold:   

My Business Plan

I offer a new vision of wedding planning, accessible to anyone in the form of wedding tasking, styling and coordination.  I offer creative solutions to planning, organisation and budgeting, and am also obsessively organised.

I want the experience to feel like your bridesmaid is helping you plan your wedding.  The experience has to be easy, yet unique, innovative, and personal for my client.  Above all, it should be stress free and fun. 

I’ve broken down my services so that you can hire me to do odd jobs, just styling, or full on planning – one task, one day, or one full wedding at a time. 


I have lots of plans and lots of things in the pipeline, but for now I’m just trying to get my name out there, so this is where I need your help! 

My blog was the seed, and is the backbone, of my business.  I love being inspired and inspiring others, and my blog is an integral part of what my business is all about. 

So!  I have entered myself into the Wedding Blog Awards, and I would be so honoured if you could nominate me.  The first stage is the nominations, then if you are nominated, the second stage is a public vote (so basically 2 public votes).  It would mean so much to me to even get nominated, and would open so many doors – not least so I can rub shoulders with Mark Wright at the awards ceremony! 

If you have a spare minute, I would be so grateful if you could click below to nominate me for the first stage:   


Details you have to enter: 

Blog URL:  https://www.devinebride.co.uk/
Is this your own blog:  No
Nominated category:  Rising Star Wedding Blog and Best Bridal Real Talk
Full name: 

There are other boxes on the online form, but they are not mandatory.  Nominations close on 19th Aug, then a short list is revealed for the next public vote, with the awards on 21st October.  

Thank you in advance; any nominations would be an amazing help, honour and achievement.  I really appreciate everyone who pops along to my site to read my wedding news and views – without you this wouldn’t be possible. 

I can’t wait to share the next stage of Devine Bride with you! 

Lots of love and wedding wishes,

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  1. / 2:10 am

    OMG how exciting!!!! I've just voted 🙂 – a million times good luck!!!! xxx

    • / 8:50 pm

      Thanks Maggie!! Every vote counts and I have my fingers and toes crossed!! Mwah xxx