Wimbledon Wedding Inspiration

In celebration of Andy Murray’s well deserved win at Wimbledon today, I’ve put together the above moodboard for a fun Wimbledon themed wedding! 

This theme is easy to exaggerate with repurposed tennis balls as they’re so versatile and relatively cheap to buy in bulk, but just be careful not to add in any other lemon or lime colours to your day so they don’t clash.  All the colour choices are strong, so keep most of your other details to natural and cream tones (including your flowers).  Big up the Britishness and have some fun with a Pimm’s cart and a strawberry station. 

If you feel the theme is a little too intense, use subtle details instead and take advantage of key tennis phrases and terms to do some fun signage, incorporate into your order of the day, and use for your table plan and table names. 

Game, set, match!