Best Bouquets – Archive Highlights

When I was choosing my wedding flowers, I picked my favourite flora rather than my favourite colours.  My stipulations were that it should be organic, delicate, wild, green, leafy, loose, and natural…. And then later down the line after a few mock ups, I swayed towards more blues and purples than pink tones. 

It was then down to my florist to pull it all together into something that resembled a bouquet!  And I have to say the team at Dansk Flowers on Upper Street in Islington did a great job!  The end result was the title image (above), and I loved it! 

We didn’t want to limit ourselves with a theme or specific colour scheme, so we picked everything purely based on what we liked.  I ended up with hundreds of screenshots saved on my phone to take to my florist!  Rather than let all these go to waste, I wanted to share some of the highlights with you: 





I’m not good with remembering names of flowers so I always found it more helpful to take pictures to my suppliers – that way I knew we were both on the same page, literally. 

I hope some of the ideas above help with your wedding journey and give you food for thought to take to your florist, or at the very least maybe just brighten your day!  

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