Bride Beauty – Natural, Organic & Vegan

If you are concerned about what you are putting into your body, why would you not care about what you are putting onto your body?  From personal health benefits to environmental factors, there are many reasons to go natural, organic and/or vegan, aside from looking your best on your wedding day. 

Here are my favourites in natural, organic and vegan beauty:  


Neom Organics – Essential De-Stress Kit
This is the perfect little kit to take with you for your wedding weekend, and would also make a cute little gift for mums or bridesmaids.  Whilst it’s the best time of your life, there’s no doubt your wedding can also be quite stressful at times.  There are two stress mists and one intensive roll on treatment.  This collection of powerful mini products uses Neom’s 100% natural essential oil blends, ‘formulated at the perfect level to begin working immediately’.

RRP £20 for 3 x 5ml

Dr Hauschka – Night Serum
Dr Hauschka’s night serum appeals to me because it’s oil-free – despite being nearly 30 I don’t need any more oil on my skin, thanks!  This night serum ‘allows the skin to breathe freely and stimulates its natural renewal process; it’s an essential universal night time skin care product that revitalises skin for a fresh radiant complexion come morning’.  It is made with apple blossom and apple fruit extracts and is designed to be very gentle on the skin, and for all skin types. 

RRP £39 for Night Serum Kit

Scentered – Sleep Well Therapy Balm
This is a 100% natural therapeutic balm designed ‘to clear the head, quieten the mind and relax the body for great night’s sleep’.  It contains 14 different essential oils and includes scents of lavender and ylang ylang – lavender is of course known for its calming abilities and ylang ylang is bang on trend this year. 

RRP £14.50 for 5g


Antipodes – Worship Superfruit Antioxidant Serum
This certified organic serum is ‘scientifically shown to inhibit oxidative stress in vitro by up to 90%’ – which basically means it’s really powerful at keeping your skin youthful!  Made from super charged super fruits from New Zealand, you are supposed to use it before moisturising.  It comes with a little droplet cap and is a strange brown colour, but this must mean it is truly organic in my opinion! 

RRP £33.99 for 30ml

Fushi – Organic Virgin Shea Butter (Unrefined)
The brand itself is ‘pure, ethical health & beauty’, and this all-purpose butter is dubbed as creamy and luxurious as well as being packed full of naturally occurring vitamins.  It contains natural antibacterial agents too, and, amongst other things, you can use it as a powerful cleanser or a moisturiser – a total bargain for £8. 

RRP £8 for 250g 


Maria Nila – Hair Cream Heat Spray
Maria Nila’s new style and finish hair care line is 100% vegan and free from sulphates and parabens, and all the packaging is also eco-friendly and Co2 compensated.  The Cream Heat Spray is said to keep hair soft and split end free, despite regular drying and straightening.  This is definitely number one on my hit list. 

RRP £26 for 150ml

Bio-Extracts – Face Cream Light
This vegan skin care brand developed a ‘multi-lamellar system’ as the most effective way to deliver actives to the skin.  This means that the high-tech ingredients formulated will start to work on your skin at a faster and more visible rate – a lot of technology has gone into its development.  This brand has been a massive hit on QVC, and the buyers and shoppers of QVC need a lot of convincing. 

RRP £27 for 30ml


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