Lavender Wedding Inspiration

Aside from being an utterly gorgeous colour, incorporating lavender into your wedding can also enhance your day in so many other ways, including scent and taste. 

I’ve put together the moodboard above to provide some basic inspiration – the bridesmaid dresses seem obvious, but pick the right hue to avoid strong purple tones in your photos.  Incorporate lavender sprigs and plants to scent your day and give your guests a lasting memory.  Scent is such a powerful sense that can provoke such strong emotion, and thus provides the essence of the best memories. 

Lavender is also very soothing and relaxing, so don’t miss an opportunity to add this into your routine on the morning of your wedding, as well as in your bouquet – lavender plants are also cheap compared to luxury lavender candles. 

Enhance the aspect of scent in your day with some lavender plants at your venue entrance and incorporate some potted plants into your centrepieces.  The lavender lemonade above is also a great idea; a classic lemonade (or limoncello) with some lavender stems as an added point of interest, colour, and taste.  Lavender seeds would make such a charming complimentary wedding favour too, with an obligatory ‘let love grow’ favour tag. 

Lavender is elegant and luxurious as a colour, but, as per my Bride’s Guide to Scenting Your Wedding, scent can’t be pinned on a Pinterest board, so elevate your wedding by adding some fresh sprigs of lavender wherever you can – as scent or taste, but also as décor.  Make a lasting impression, but most of all, make lasting memories with the power of scent combined with this gorgeous colour.  

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