Honeymoon Essentials – Travel

No matter how much I try to prepare, plan, and pre-pack, I always end up taking too much on holiday!  And my honeymoon was no exception.  In my defence it’s because I want to be prepared for every eventuality when I’m away, so I pack something for every scenario imaginable…!  Toga rave anyone?  Nope, they don’t do those in Bora Bora, so why did I pack a neon pink Grecian drape dress then? 

Hindsight is a great thing, so I’ve whittled down my honeymoon essentials to help to give you some perspective. 

I’ve broken this down into 4 categories: travel, beauty, fashion, and sun.  So here’s the first instalment, my honeymoon travel essentials:  

Aspinal Travel Companions

I absolutely cannot live without my Aspinal travel companions; passport holder, travel wallet and luggage tag.  So stylish yet so practical!  The travel wallet has little separators for each of your travel documents.  I don’t feel like I’m really going on holiday unless I have these with me.  Plus, I absolutely love showing them off at the airport! 

Ren Beauty Shot

This is a miniature of Ren’s famous beauty shot firming serum.  It perks my skin up when I’ve been travelling and, rather than making my face any puffier, it firms and tightens. 

Statement Necklace

I always travel super comfy but a little lux.  I use a statement necklace to dress up leggings and a t-shirt dress – comfort is my main priority but I always add a bit of glam for the airport lounge!  Plus, it’s something that’s easy to ditch or switch up should I need to!  (The one above is from Topshop.)

Miniature Hair Spray

I have a lot of hair.  This helps control it in between rain (London), sea (airport transfers on tiny islands) and sun (hello Bora Bora).  There are so many different taming products on the market but I’ve found hair spray the quickest, easiest, and less messy for me on the go.  This was a particular godsend to me in the airport arrivals when we landed in Tahiti on route to Bora Bora.  We were about to arrive at a 5-star hotel looking bedraggled after 2 days travelling over 3 continents.  Hairspray helped.   

Extreme Deodorant

See reference above RE outward travel to Bora Bora – 2 days, 3 continents, and 3 planes without a shower.  Not so glamourous.  I also had wet wipes to hand and actually went through a whole pack on our outward journey! 

Have you already been on your honeymoon?  What are your go to travel essentials?  Let me know in the comments section below, I’d love to hear from you!  

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