Brides The Show 2016 – In Pictures

An assault of colour, petals, glitter, rose gold, lace, cake, and all things lux, with a few glasses of bubbly thrown in.  Brides The Show is one of my favourite wedding fairs.  For the exhibitors it’s go big or go home, so it’s always such a treat for the senses. The stalls are well curated, but with such stiff competition each supplier needs to scream the loudest with their display yet still remain classy and elegant.

For this reason, for me, Brides The Show is as much about being inspired as it is about finding and meeting new suppliers.  Here is my experience at Brides The Show this year, in pictures for your visual enjoyment: 


‘A Very Modern Wedding Cake’ Display
From a tumbling bread cake, to a vegetable stack, to a meringue rainbow…!


The Imagination Room
This was a small partitioned room for workshops – balloons vs fringing vs pantones on point.  

Eagle Eyed Bride Stationery
The colours!  The foiling!  And they designed the Wedding Blog Awards invitation that I keep safely under my pillow at night!  

French Sole
Pump perfection.  Just so pretty.  

Domino Purchas Cakes
So very elegant, I particularly loved the Snow Drop wedding cake (the white one with the delicate arch).  It helped that they were giving out scrumptious samples.  

A Pit Stop at Prezola
The Prezola bar in association with Nyetimber was the perfect pit stop.  Nyetimber is particularly fashionable at the moment, it’s an English (Sussex, no less) sparkling wine somewhere in between Champagne and Prosecco, although not as dry or quite so bubbly, respectively.  (It’s been seriously tickling my taste buds at events this summer.)

Zita Elze Flowers
This stand was just stunning.  I couldn’t quite fit it all in my pictures, but there was a gorgeous sweeping floral arbour and lots of draping hanging garlands too.   


Vera Wang Wedgewood
I’ve got a soft spot for anything Vera Wang collaborates on, but I just loved this display.  I thought the Wedgewood tree would make an awesome table plan, with everyone’s escort cards daintily hanging off it.  

Georgia’s Cakes
Mouth-watering.  I was disappointed there were no samples though – this nearly didn’t make the photo edit for that reason!  

Immaculate Confections
Great name, great display.  The mini popcorn cups really caught my eye and I adore the soft and sparkly colour scheme.    


E Y I Love Stationery
This display was a bloggers dream, I’m just not very good at photography!  I absolutely loved the styling and details here, and I got chatting to them and found out they are also from Glasgow!  Double likeability!  

The end!  

Brides The Show, a feast for the eyes, as ever!  (And I didn’t even cover half of it.) 

Happy pinning!  

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