Candy Made Cool

Struggling to come up with an original idea for a hen party?  Or perhaps you have a few hens with eggs in the oven?  (Thus need something not completely centred around alcohol?)  I’ve found the perfect hen do – and it doesn’t involve a weekend away.  

A few weeks ago I was invited to the Spun Candy 3rd birthday party in Spitafields.  A hop, skip and a jump (on the tube) from my house, and just a short wander along from Aldgate East or Liverpool Street in the cool Spitalfields area of east London, lies a candy shop reimagined.  It’s almost hipster, and also totally Instagramable.  No joke. 


I arrived with my trusty PR aide and party pal (my sister), to a prosecco and candy reception – a perfect Monday night!  Ahead lay a warm welcome from the Spun team, an open and colourful space, drinks flowing and a colourful candy buffet bursting.  All this with candy making classes thrown in, with chefs spread across 5 different tables making different treats.  And the sugar wasn’t the only thing being spun, the feel good tunes were at just the right recipe – and there was plenty of room to dance too (should you wish). 

It was a very relaxed space and we felt quite at ease mingling and speaking to the chefs.  It was easy to drop in and out of each candy making counter, and the making itself was super fun and adaptable to any creative level or age group.  I thought I was totally rocking this jagged flower lollipop I was building up petal by petal, but then I turned around and my sister had crafted this delicate rose with waved petal edges!  Mine looked like it had been thrown together by a 3-year-old in comparison!  

(My sister is adding finishing touches to hers below on the left, while mine is on the right!) 

For the masterclasses, there were a few variations of treats you could make, and they also offer classes where groups or couples can make their own favours for their wedding.  Rope in your ‘maids to make your favours with Spun and you’ve got two jobs done in one. 

Aside from the candy making, there was plenty to look at and take pics of when we weren’t spinning sugar.  As you would imagine, the colours were vibrant and fun and there was lots to Instagram! 

Spun Candy offer group candy making classes from £50 per adult for 60 minutes.  This includes welcome drinks, the science of confectionery, candy demonstrations, flavour tasting, hands on candy making, your own creations to take home, plus a wall projection (perhaps embarrassing photos of all the hens as friends growing up).  You can also add on drinks throughout, personalised lollipops, and canapes at extra cost.  


If you want to make a weekend of it in London, stay at a boutique hotel like The Hoxton, have a Spun Candy party on Saturday, dance the sugar off afterwards in Shoreditch, then go for a full on pancake breakfast at The Breakfast Club on Sunday. 

Trust me, you’ll have an absolute hoot, what’s not to love?  Plus, with a sugar high you’ll be dancing till dawn – I couldn’t sleep for hours…!  A novel idea for hipsterville in the east end, definitely candy made cool.  

NB This was not a sponsored post, but I did devour my body weight in sweets at the party!  (And I took home a goody bag!)

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