Honeymoon Essentials – Beauty

This is my second instalment of honeymoon essentials (see the first, my Travel essentials, here).  Beauty is a tough category; the key is to take multi-purpose, multi-functioning, high power products.  They may be more expensive short term, but they will last longer and save you invaluable minutes getting ready, so you can be savouring every minute drinking cocktails on the beach with your hubby.  

Here’s my go-to beauty essentials for travelling: 

Waterproof Makeup Bag

I always take an ‘in between size’ makeup bag for travelling.  This will help me cart about the essentials whether I’m on the plane or heading to the beach.  I don’t want to be lugging about my whole makeup bag all the time (imagine…!), but likewise it saves me time to have all the little bits together in a pouch so I’m not constantly rummaging about my bag come photo time at Disneyland. 

Dry Shampoo

Batiste simply helps me make the most of my time away on holiday.  I have a lot of hair, and it goes massive in the heat, so it takes me longer than I would wish to wash and dry it.  A quick spritz of dry shampoo and I can easily go another day without washing it, and make the most being on honeymoon.  It doesn’t feel dirty or greasy, quite the opposite with a sweet smell to boot.  Put it this way, I would much rather be watching a sunset than washing my hair…! 

On The Go Deo

Whilst my deodorant of choice is a roll on cream (I find them much more effective personally), I always like to have a mini size spray available for a quick fragrance boost in the heat. 

Cream Tint

Coral colours just scream holidays to me, but find your ideal shade that you can use as a combined lip and cheek tint for an instant glow.  It’s also handy to have a little pot of Vaseline to dilute as necessary.  This one from Boots No 7 is ideal, it’s a cream stick that blends easily but has a high pigment, just apply a little or a lot as desired. 

Neutral Nail Polish

I say neutral, just pick a subtle shade that will go with most things in your holiday wardrobe.  Pick something that doesn’t have a heavy base tone, thus won’t stain your nails even after you’ve taken it off.  It’s also best to go for something on the lighter side of neutral as it’s less visible to see when it chips – be it in saltwater, chlorine, or camping somewhere. 

Tinted Lip Balm

I love this tinted lip butter from Rodial, it’s enriched with Vitamin E and Cocoa Butter to hydrate and protect in the sun, but has a great colour pop.  The aforementioned cream tint above is dual purpose, but a tinted lip balm is slightly more glam. 

What are your beauty essentials when on holiday?  Did you pick up any beauty finds in duty free which you now can’t live without?  Let me know in the comments section below!  I’d love to hear from you!


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