The Chosen Wedding Fair – Oct 2016

The Chosen Wedding Fair, unlike some other fairs, is not somewhere you can just buy your way into if you are a wedding vendor.  The stalls are hard to come by, and you must prove yourself to be there.  Style and bespoke design is the currency, money secondary.  Thus, this show is always an interesting mix of smaller more bespoke vendors.  Add to that mix that the fair grows in popularity every season yet the size of the venue does not, and you have a pretty little semi exclusive wedding fair.

It’s a ‘unique contemporary and vintage fair’, with a focus on local suppliers (London in this case, although there is also one in Bristol) and bespoke handmade merchandise. 

Here are some pictures from some of the vendors that caught my eye:

Sash + Veil
Almost any veil you want, any way.  These veils were so beautiful and intricate I didn’t want to touch them…!  Although there was a gorgeous one with dried flowers sewn in which I couldn’t resist!  Look no further for an antidote to those stiff ones you find in bridal shops. 

CL.AM Correspondence Stationers
These luxury stationers have a distinctive style, but it is wonderful.  Punchy colours and strong fonts and very in right now.  One to watch.  

Pearl Bespoke Dressmakers
Their focus was on custom made dresses, but I could have happily walked out with either of the display dresses just as they are!  I love the art deco Gatsby style, so popular over the last few years but still a winner with me despite that.  

Le Colonel Moutarde Bow Ties
Why should the bride have all the fun?  Let the grooms go wild with these ones…!  Such a fun idea, and very contemporary colours and patterns.  A little too hipster for my hubby, but I might just choose an anniversary party theme around these little colour pops and make him wear one…!    

The Custom Cake Boutique
The name and the pictures do the talking.  Rania is now a friend but I adore her cakes.  It also helps she always brings treats for people to sample… and they are absolute heaven.  She is so talented – it really shows that she loves what she does.  And how cute are the baby naked cakes on the front?  

Pour L’amour Dresses
When I was trying on wedding dresses, I tried on a couple of shorter styles to test the water.  Any skater A-line style dresses I ventured towards seemed to be comprised on quality or material.  These are not compromised.  Pour L’amour dresses are made from luxury bridal fabrics; made as wedding dresses first then vintage styles second, rather than the other way around – as so often occurs.   I loved the little boleros and wraps, too.  

Sophie and Luna Floral Headpieces
The first company in the UK that makes floral headpieces using a mix of dried and preserved flowers.  This means you can have a better range of flowers, that aren’t all necessarily in season at the same time, in your headpiece or bouquet.  Once dried and preserved with the company’s secret recipe, the flowers are as light as a feather and will last for years.  Now 6 months married and wondering where all my money went, this would have been a nice memento of the day.  I also love the soft pastel vintage-y hue the flowers have once preserved (almost like a soft Instagram filter has been cast on them!).  

Not quite as brazen as Brides The Show, but arguably more interesting.  Lots of lovely suppliers and lots of lovely ideas. 

All contributing suppliers and sponsors are listed on The Chosen Wedding Fair website for reference – including Devine Bride!

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