Fall Wedding Inspiration

Autumn nearly escaped me!  I haven’t done a moodboard in ages so here is my dream styling for a fall wedding – a rustic woodland theme with diffused warm tones.  Forget the clichés, keep the pumpkins to a minimum, and use nature for a more authentic theme and a more contemporary feel.

Colours are kept neutral, and highlight the changing leaf tones of the season.  With this in mind, just using a lot of natural foliage portrays a strong theme.  A soft scattering of berry red and a few rosy tones warm up the palette, but again, use nature for this to stop it looking too fake or contrived.  White wash a few minor details to lift the colour scheme and to relax the woodland theme – the touches of white on the place cards, the acorns, and the wooden serving platter for the cocktails go a long way.  Also consider a white washed banquet table, or white linen perhaps, to avoid your wedding looking to ‘Sleepy Hollow’ or Halloween-y. 

I’m a big fan of using nature for wedding styling, firstly, because it looks less manufactured, and secondly, because it’s usually fairly cheap to obtain authentic accessories.  The fruit and veg can be picked up at your local supermarket – just make sure you pick interesting shapes and the right tones.  Have a Pinterest board at the ready though, so you don’t get carried away and just end up buying a trolley full of aubergines….!  Vibrant pumpkins and squashes make great centre pieces and focal points; figs, plums and rosy apples provide a range of tones for decorating platters and feasts of food; and blackberries, cranberries and elderberries look great as toppers on cakes, cheese and in drinks.  A few bunches left as sprigs rather (than pulled from the stems) elevate the look and will stop it looking like you’ve just bought them from the supermarket….!    

The leaves, acorns and brambles can be easily foraged.  If you are having flower girls or page boys, this can be a fun way for them to be part of the prep.  Send them on a fun day out foraging with the dads while you get on with wedding planning with your ‘maids.  Leave out pine cones though to avoid your day looking too wintry.  The place card here looks like it has been specially made, but I have seen something similar done with dried leaves that have been spray painted (you can see an example of this on my Autumn Mood Board from last year). 

This puts a new spin on botanical, a trend that has drowned all the wedding fairs I’ve been to this year – this is botanical, but in a more realistic way.  (For me anyway…!)

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