Honeymoon Essentials – Fashion

This is my third instalment of honeymoon essentials (see the first, my travel essentials, here, and the second, my beauty essentials here). 

I always think I’ll be more adventurous on holiday, imagining myself as some kind of girl about town, but I never end up wearing half of the clothes I take.  Personally, I find it hard not to get overexcited scrolling on Asos or practice packing, but, as always, careful planning and versatile pieces are key. 

Here’s my go-to fashion essentials for honeymooning somewhere warm: 

A Pair of (Simple) Wedges 

Footwear makes up two of my top fashion essentials items for a reason.  A good pair of shoes can carry any outfit.  A wedge is a great alternative to a heel for holidays, and whilst a wedge is not always acceptable in everyday life, it is a chic option for somewhere warm.  Natural or metallic tones are a must for me for holiday footwear, so you can match them to any outfit without too much thought.  The ones above were from the Forever 21 in the Stratford Westfield last summer (RIP).  The shoes live on however, and are pretty robust despite being only £30. 

A Pair of (Glam) Sandals 

Ditto the above but you also need a flat version.  I go a bit more glam on my flat sandals and a bit simpler on my wedges so the height balances each out for any occasion.  The ones above are from Bertie and suit summers in London too.  They are made from suede rather than leather so are super soft against my sweaty feet in the heat. 

The Versatile Sun Dress 

Pick a simple shape that can take you from day to night just by switching up your shoes (see above).  A strappy number is a must for me in the warmer weather.  I don’t like paying too much money for holiday clothes purely because of the cost to wear ratio vs value… the dress above was a little number from Primark pre-summer 2016.  It was a great find but was only really suitable over a bikini, as it was a bit see through…!  Que sera sera when you are a Primark shopper…! 

Other items not pictured…

Classic White Tee 

While t-shirts might not be that glam, but pack a simple white one.  It won’t date in your holiday photos; it will cover a multitude of sins (erm… sunburned cleavage) and you can pair it with anything – even that strappy see through dress from Primark

Denim Shorts 

Totally versatile and perfect for the plane.  I don’t think this one needs any explanation!  My favs are from Uniqlo and have lasted me years.

All that said… I’m always changing my mind when it comes to clothes, I think that’s the main problem! 

Do you have any key pieces that never fail you?  I’d love to know where you got them!  Let me know in the comments section below or tweet me via @devinebride

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