Favourite Cakes – Archive Highlights

A collection of some of my favourite cake pics for inspiration – not from my own wedding.  Credit firstly to the title image above, a cracker by The Meringue Girls from Brides The Show earlier this year. 

I decided quite late on in my planning process that I didn’t want a wedding cake.  Aside from saving money, we wanted our wedding to have a relaxed party vibe rather than a formal fancy feel, so this fitted in well on two accounts.  Having scoured the internet for real weddings for months, I saw a ‘Bake Off’ style cake buffet on a blog (of course).  The couple were having an English country fete type theme, and asked all their guests to bring a cake instead of a present – so, that’s exactly what we did (minus the theme).  I really loved the idea of everyone being involved and it meant we had a massive variety of treats on the day – win win for everyone. 

Despite this, I didn’t want it to look like a country fete or a sloppy affair, it was still our wedding after all!  So I asked our venue to make a ‘pudding garden’ for us out of some corner tables and an arbour, and I tarted it up with some extra décor and bought some custom cake toppers to adorn said cakes.  (I also made two cakes myself and strung mini doughnuts to hang from the arbour.)  It meant a lot to us that people made the effort to bring a cake and it was a really cool feature at our wedding.  We ended up cutting dessert from our wedding breakfast and put the money we saved into extra welcome drinks and canapes.  

See pics of my pudding garden from my wedding here. 

I don’t regret not having a cake (although I recently found out my mother in law does…!), but since my wedding I have developed a bit of an obsession with wedding cakes!  I am not sure if it is in compensation for not having one at my wedding, but it seems a bit of a coincidence!  I wanted to share some of my favourites from my archives, so here is volume one for starters: 

Credit to Sweet Bloom Cakes (L) and BTS Event Management (R). 

Credit to Donuts Cookies and Cream (L) and Sweet n Saucy Shop (R).  

Credit to Pure Elegance Events Services (L) and Maid of Gingerbread (R).  

Credit to Vintage Wedding Wonderland (L).  

I’m not sure I would have been able to choose a wedding cake given the choice (I still have a whole library of shortlisted cakes to share with you!), so perhaps for the best that I didn’t! 

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