Geometry of the Heart Wedding Inspiration

A new moodboard to cheer you up in the lull in between Christmas and new year – perhaps as an antidote to the festivities…!

Geometric shapes don’t have to be harsh, they can be soft and feminine if done in the right way.  Choose your colours and textures wisely, though.  Pastels mixed with smaller bursts of colour work well here to balance out the severe lines, and most lines are kept fine, dainty and delicate.

Linear room décor can be easily achieved with coloured ribbon – load up with double sided tape and buy ribbon to match the same width, or just a little bit wider, and you’re good to go.  Plain or industrial walls can be easily jazzed up with some linear or triangular shapes like in the above.  This would also be great for a makeshift photo booth backdrop, there’s loads of iPad apps you can get these days to create your own photo booth at virtually no expense.  Plain coloured washi tape would also work well to adorn table tops, centrepieces, and signage.

Enlist the help of some crafty friends to help you make some origami too, so simple but it makes such a statement, don’t you think?  There’s loads of great tutorials on YouTube and Pinterest, but definitely practice on some scrap paper first!  The key is in the quantity of origami, or repetition of the same angular shapes in different sizes.  A couple of shapes alone look a bit sad, but an army of colour scattered throughout your reception makes the theme come to life.

The hanging curtain of origami in my moodboard above would also be great as a photo booth backdrop, or perhaps hanging above your cake table.

On trend succulents and terrainiums complete the look, with both colours and shapes on point for this theme.

Key Suppliers to Achieve the Look: 

•    Coloured Ribbon:  Ebay, Amazon
•    Washi Tape:  Ebay, Hobbycraft
•    Coloured Card for Origami:  Papermill Direct, The Works, Hobbycraft
•    Succulents:  Columbia Road Flower Market, Wilkinson’s, Homebase
(in person/store visit required)
•    Terrainiums:  Marks and Spencer, TK Maxx
(in person/store visit better)

This moodboard was one I made earlier, as I prepared a new year bride for the planning ahead of her.  Good luck with your own planning, and don’t hesitate to give me a shout if you would like me to create a personalised mood board for you – they’re so handy to refer back to and give as a brief to your suppliers.

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