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Eagerly awaited, Vogue broke the news of Vivienne Westwood’s new made-to-order and couture bridal collections landing recently.  I don’t have loads to say about these, other than that they are so wonderfully Westwood. 

The collection encapsulates classic Westwood; directional layers, edgy cuts, biased nips and emphasized tucks, with just the right amount of pretty on the side to put a bridal spin on some of her trademark styles and silhouettes.  The messy tulle makes a nice anomaly to the image reel. 

Ever wanted a Sex and City wedding, or better, a Carrie Bradshaw dress?  Look no further.  The first dress below (and title image) is a very wearable version of the first Carrie wedding dress when she was supposed to marry Big at the New York Public Library.  And it somehow doesn’t look a day out of date, even though Carrie’s version is now nearly 10 years old!  (I know right, 2008?!  Seriously!)

If you have the money, it’ll be a wise investment – even just on the off chance you might get to meet Viv. 

Price on request via the Vivienne Westwood couture team: and (0044) 020 7629 3757.

My favourites: 

Library Love 

Cheap Frills 

Classic Viv 

The Long and Short of It 

Not my style but Worth a Look: 

Texture Meets Appliqué 


I’m picturing these in wedding photos with killer heels and a leather biker jacket.  The queen of cool does it again.    

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