Something Borrowed – Something Different

As the old rhyme goes, something borrowed on your wedding day represents borrowed happiness.  I prefer to interpret this as happiness you are inspired by, or wish to emulate (as it were).  If you borrow something from a close friend or family member, you would hope to be as happy in your marriage as they are in theirs.  It can also be a meaningful way to commemorate someone who can’t be with you on your wedding day.

Jewellery is a classic way to add something borrowed into your day, and you could certainly do a lot worse.  Traditionally, borrowed jewellery would be from your maternal side of the family however it’s also a lovely way to include your new mother in law in the day.  Kate Middleton’s engagement ring was the most perfect something old, borrowed and blue, but the Queen also famously lent Kate a sparkling diamond tiara.  Earrings and brooches are also popular and gorgeous too, and are certainly more versatile than a tiara!  However, if you’re not into jewellery or would like something slightly different, here’s a few more suggestions from me:

Bouquet Tie

The image below is from a close family members wedding (read about their Idyllic Ibiza Nuptials here).  The lace around Zoe’s bouquet was from her mum’s wedding dress, which they also added some blue to so it was her something old, borrowed and blue.  Such a lovely touch and I really like the idea that the whole tradition was incorporated into this one stunning element that will be a lasting memory in her wedding photos.  You could also recreate this with ribbon or tulle.


A Locket

But not as you know it….!  You may not be having flowers or you may want something more permanent to start your own tradition.  Another way to use the concept of a bouquet tie is via a locket instead.  Use the same idea and take some lace, ribbon, or tulle from your mum or mother in laws wedding dress, but keep a smaller piece closer to your heart.  This also means you won’t need to cut up so much of said vintage wedding dress!  Usually a small piece from the underskirt or seam will do.


A Recipe 

My parents are divorced so it wasn’t entirely fitting to use either of the aforementioned ideas for my wedding.  I’m also considering selling my wedding dress, so a bouquet tie or locket may not be possible for any potential daughters or daughters in law of mine!  However, a slightly different way to add something borrowed to your day could be via a recipe.  Wedding cakes can take on any form you like these days, from pancakes to cupcakes, and wouldn’t it be lovely to incorporate an old family favourite that everyone can enjoy?  Make it into an added photo opportunity with some signage or a cool little plaque beside your cake table.


First Dance Song

Choosing our first dance song was a struggle, my hubby and I have such different tastes in music (him = hip hop; me = anything but hip hop) that we found it hard to agree on something until around a month before the wedding.  In the end, we went for a cover of an upbeat song that we knew everyone would know (Lauryn Hill’s version of Can’t Take My Eyes Off of You).  But it would have been a lot less stressful and saved a few sleepless nights if we had thought to ‘borrow’ a first dance song from our parents or grandparents that was perhaps more meaningful to one of us.  I also love that this ‘something borrowed’ is not something tangible.  I’m always scared of losing things that people lend me so this is also perfect for anyone who is anything like me!


These are just a few cute ideas I’ve come across in the past year or so, but if you need any more ideas or would like to do something a bit more bespoke to incorporate your something old, new, borrowed and blue, drop me a line on – I’d love to help.

Whether you are ‘borrowing happiness’ or simply commemorating someone close to you, it’s a lovely tradition to pass down through your family – even if you are the one starting the tradition.  Don’t take the rhyme literally, but interpret your own way and use your something borrowed as a good luck charm and a token of love from someone close to you – and who’s to say you need only have one something borrowed?

Photos courtesy of Gypsy Westwood, Laura Sparrow, and Cotton Candy Photography.


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