When Veils Meet Flowers

There’s a hot new collaboration in town and it’s just dreamy!  I was lucky enough to be invited to the launch at The Folly a few weeks ago, so here’s the low down:

London based pioneers of preserved flower crowns Sophie and Luna, and creators of super soft and delicate handmade veils Sash + Veil, have come together to create a unique collection of preserved flower crowns with matching veils.  Given that both brands are quite niche in their trade, this was definitely a first for the wedding world.

The combination of a head piece with a veil seems logical, but done the Sophie/Sash way it’s completely magical!  Sophie and Luna have a special way to preserve real flowers, so they are not only as light as a feather but will also last forever (no sore head on your wedding day and a beautiful memento to keep as a lasting memory afterwards).  The light weight flowers work perfectly with the delicate veils, as both bring their own softness to the look (literally).

I was a big fan of both brands beforehand anyway (see my write up of both from The Chosen Wedding Fair last year here), so I was thrilled to be invited to the launch a few weeks ago to see this all come together for them.  Aside from Sandra (Sophie and Luna) and Heather (Sash + Veil) hosting, there was also bridal hairstylist Jo from Love Hair on hand to give free hair trials and bridal hair advice.


Photos were captured by award-winning photographer Natalie Watts and we were treated to bubbles and delicious sweet treats from Emmy´s Brigadeiros.

I didn’t go for a veil or flower crown for my own wedding because I felt a little silly trying on those stiff veils in bridal shops (I never even made it to the flower crown stage), but trying these on at the launch just made me wish I had.  I felt both ethereal and very regal in all the right ways – I love this collab, it just works.


All photos not watermarked courtesy of Sophie and Luna and Natalie Watts.


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