Evergreen Wedding Inspiration

Pantone appointed ‘greenery’ as the colour of the season so if you’re looking to create a natural yet trendy wedding my new “Evergreen” mood board is a great place to start your planning.

I’m seeing more and more couples opting for a foliage heavy wedding, with little to no flowers at all. Whether you want to add blooms or not, abundant greenery can achieve a lavish yet relaxed atmosphere. I suggest looking at eucalyptus, olive branches and large fluffy ferns to create a base, then you can add in a few chosen flowers as you like here and there.

I’ve spotted a few beautiful green dresses too; sage, olive and emerald seem to be very popular at the moment. Personally, I think it’s best to avoid a totally green look, as wearing one colour head to toe can end up looking a little dated. Keep colour soft and neutral, and, as this trend naturally looks so relaxed and effortless it’s a good idea to keep the bridesmaid dresses in flowy fabrics to match the rest of the theme.

Little touches like rosemary or sage leaves for the groomsmen’s button holes will nod to the greenery theme without being too much. All flowers should be kept looking quite wild and as if ‘pulled together from the garden’, for a natural look. Tie the bouquets together with twine or a neutral coloured silk ribbon to help carry the natural flow.

With regards to backdrops and the table-scapes there is so much you can do! You could create a large wreath or floral arrangement to sit behind you during the ceremony or create a green arch of leafy branches. There’s lots of room to be really creative with this trend, and it almost looks better messy! For the tables, you could use inked leaves, with nice handwriting or calligraphy, green fruit or handmade paper to match the rest of the natural surroundings. I’ve been seeing a lot of relaxed table runners created from foliage instead of the traditional floral displays too.

I can’t wait to see all the green weddings that 2017 is set to bring!  I’m already working on this theme with 3 of my clients at the moment!

Have you pinned any greenery this year so far?


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