Totally Tropical Wedding Inspiration

This tropical theme is just the thing to add some warmth and sunshine to your wedding. The goal here is to make your guests feel as though they’re on holiday. Although this theme would work anywhere, it’s a perfect option for a destination wedding or warmer climate.

Think palm leaves, cacti, flamingos and pineapples. The colour palette includes shades of pink, peach and green to reflect the jungle leaves and tropical birds. Set the tone by sending out invitations adorned with Monstera leaves or watermelon slices and use a brush lettered typeface to hint at the vibe to come.

Decorations could include fresh whole fruits like oranges, limes, bananas, pineapples and other tropical fruits that you love. These could also work as small wedding favours or snacks for hungry guests after dancing the night away! Create garlands of faux or real leaves to suspend around the venue or behind where the ceremony is taking place. I love the idea of using cut paper leaves in various pastel shades mixed in with real ones to inject some more colour.

Ice buckets full of beer and brightly coloured ice lollies could be dotted around your venue along with neon signage, faux flamingos and wicker seating for a super relaxed party atmosphere. Your flowers should match the tropical theme but don’t worry if you struggle to get hold of the right blooms, roses and peonies come in a huge variety of colours and calla lilies automatically look exotic. Bird of paradise flowers and palm leaves will also really pack a punch, even if you only use a couple here and there.

Instead of using traditional vases why not hollow out some pineapples to house your displays? Use sea salt spray in your hair to create a beach wave look and pop a few brightly coloured flowers in the back for an effortless style in keeping with your informal theme. Bring in lots of cacti and succulents to use as table decorations, you could even go the extra mile and adorn them with ribbons and pom poms… the more colour the better with this theme!

The food should have an easy going feel to it, maybe opt for a BBQ with fruit skewers and brightly coloured cocktails. A simple cake would look wonderful decorated with large leaves and a few exotic flowers, or tropical fruit too.

This theme screams summer, but there’s no reason not to use it all year round!


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