Young & Fun Wedding Inspiration

This mood board design was all about pushing the boundaries of what is expected at a wedding and throwing out any traditional or stuffy ideas. A perfect trend for any young couple, and a great option if you want to create a relaxed and happy vibe.

Rather than the traditional wedding planning research, you may need to think a little more out of the box for this style of wedding. Think of this more like a carnival or lavish birthday party. I love the idea of creating a balloon arch instead of using traditional flowers, balloons are so fun and you are guaranteed to make everyone smile!

Bouquets and floral displays should include as many bright flowers as you can manage. Unlike other wedding flowers this theme dispels any rules, the more colour and texture in your bouquet the better! Try to include happy looking flowers like camomile, daisies and sunflowers with brightly coloured peonies and tulips for a fun and frivolous look. A single brightly coloured bloom for the buttonholes would work perfectly, plus this theme is a great chance to include corsages for the ladies.

Lots of streamers, pom poms, tassels and bunting would work well for the decor. Partner lots of strands of colourful ribbons along the tables or across the ceiling with miss matched glassware and candles for a layered effect. A cake adorned with petals and editable leaves will brighten up plain white frosting, you could even add citrus fruit on the top for even more colour

With regards to the wedding attire, this theme gives you the option to opt for bright block colours or jazzy prints, the more colour the better! The point is to really liven up the atmosphere so more is more with regards to the bridesmaids and groomsmen. Think glittery shoes, brightly coloured socks and eye-catching bowties. Just wear whatever looks (and feels) fun!

This theme is your chance to really let your fun side shine. We all want our guests to have the best time possible so bring on the balloons and glitter!


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