Battle of The Bunting – Bunting Alternatives

Bunting has been a wedding staple for decades but it can often look uncool or old fashioned when not styled properly. Chintzy, shabby chic bunting was incredibly popular a few years ago but we’re seeing it less and less in weddings now, and here at Devine Bride HQ we think its time for a bunting update.

Forget the standard triangle flags in shades of pink and floral fabric, bunting now takes form in countless materials. As long as it hangs and it looks good, its bunting!

Keep reading to see our alternative takes on this wedding classic…



Paper Chains

This brightly coloured paper chain wedding aisle is so fun! Imagine arriving as a guest to this, you wouldn’t be able to resist smiling. A perfect alternative to the traditional bunting if you want to create a happy, bright and carnival themed wedding. Plus (if you have the patience!) you could make this into a DIY project with your bridesmaids.



Paper Flowers

I love paper flowers and I think they look so sweet at weddings. Obviously there’s quite a lot of time involved in making these but you can buy kits and ready made paper flowers if you’re not that crafty yourself. This flower garland is from May Contain Glitter and is perfect for the back of a chair or as a fireplace swag during the ceremony. Spray them with your favourite scent and give out the individual flowers as favours once the wedding is over.



Doilies – Seriously!

This paper doily bunting would be so simple to make, all you need is white thread, packs of dollies and a hot glue gun. This project would be a really cost effective way to introduce some vintage styling to your wedding and if you placed them high enough no one will know that they’re cheap paper dollies. Remember that you always need more bunting than you think, so make extra just in case.




This idea is simply beautiful, what a special way to honour your guests and those people who couldn’t be at your big day. As far as I can tell this image looks like a collection of family members on their own wedding days but you could adopt this idea to house any photographs you like. The only thing to remember is use fairly lightweight frames (paper or card would be best) to avoid extra labour from hanging them or any damages at your venue… Not to mention any health and safety nightmares! Photo from Tammy Swales.



Macramé Planters

This idea is a little more out there but perfect if you want to suspend something without having anything that resembles bunting. These hanging macramé planters would be perfect for a bohemian or beach themed wedding, they add a lot of impact but feel relaxed at the same time.




Instead of using the classic bunting flags made out of fabric why not make super skinny and colourful versions from paper instead? This bride and groom are sitting pretty in front of a riot of colour, every square inch of the thread has been taken up with the flags which has created a really cheerful and flamboyant backdrop to their wedding breakfast. This idea would be so easy to re-create. all you need is a pack of multicoloured card and a lot of time sat in front of the tv!




If you want to achieve that traditional look but still want something a little bit different to classic bunting, why not add it to your cake like this baker did? This idea is perfect for garden party weddings, village halls or a traditional British marquee (a marquee wedding I planned and hosted in Chiswick in June had a replica of this exact cake and topper!). Plus it looks so darn cute!




Ribbons are a fav of mine at the moment, anywhere and everywhere, from ceilings to long trailing ribbons on bouquets. This idea could match any theme or colour, simply choose the correct ribbons or lengths of fabric that suit your wedding. This barn wedding perfectly suits the muted tones in these vintage style ribbons but as long as you’re able to hang things from the ceiling this idea would work perfectly in any venue. Go for white or gold for a luxe look or green and lace if you’re more boho or outdoorsy. I love mixing colours and textures, but do try this at home beforehand!




This multicoloured countryside wedding features paper chains, ribbons, paper pom-poms and hanging honeycombs, it’s got it all! By keeping the rest of the marquee white, the hanging decorations really shine and seem all the brighter. The perfect scheme for a fun couple who love to party. If you like the idea of mixing and matching but have a strict colour scheme just opt for one or two colours for a cleaner look.




This final idea is for all you boho or natural brides out there, or for anyone that loves the botanical trend that’s around at the moment. Suspended leaves or branches bring the outdoors in and creates a warm atmosphere. This works especially well if you use scented herbs like sage, rosemary, mint and lavender. You could even use this idea as an alternative guest book, invite people to write a short message on a paper tag and peg them onto the twine.


I hope you found this round up of alternative bunting ideas useful and inspirational.

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