Alternative Table Name Ideas

When you’re planning a wedding it’s easy to focus a lot on the bigger picture and forget about some of the smaller details, and one that can often be slightly overlooked is your table plan. But it’s such an easy way to inject some fun just by having some alternative table name ideas. If you’re at the point of planning where you’re trying to work out the logistical and most civil way to seat your friends and family, then you’re nearing the stage of deciding on a super cool way to display your table plan and come up with table names.

Now we will just say, it’s totally fine if you want to number your tables, we’re so not against that, but if you’d like to inject more personality and have a theme running throughout your wedding then quirky table names is a great way to do that!

We’ve got plenty of ideas to share with you today from favourite foods to sports, and even rappers!

Food & Music

Corinne & Adam had an Indian fusion wedding where curry was the main meal, and they carried this through to their tables! Blending some of their favourite songs with names of curries, and even creating wedding favours that contained all the Indian spices to make that dish; they definitely ‘tikka’ed some boxes…!

Image: Kirsty Mackenzie 

Cat and Sam also combined their love of music with that of champagne, choosing to name their tables after selected bottles of fizz… and rappers! To add an extra little twist to things, the tables named after rappers also featured a paper mask to wear of that person! So fun!

Image: Fleming Photo


Michelle & Aaron were big on gaming and knew they wanted to subtly add this element in somewhere, whilst still keeping to their rustic autumnal themed wedding. We love how they used the names of various game lands, scripted beautifully over a perfect autumn palette water colour wash. I think you’ll agree that they definitely achieved this and their table plan sits well with the rest of their decor whilst still getting their personal interests in too.

Image: Chloe Lee

TV Shows & Movies

Adrian and Saffron went big with their Game of Thrones inspired wedding at the Tudor Barns. They carried the idea through to their tables naming each one after a house from the show, and of course each setting was complete with a goblet or tankard. We just hope there was no mention of the infamous red wedding…! (I actually veto’d my husband’s suggestion for a GOT theme for our wedding, but this looks pretty cool!)

Image: Anesta Broad

Hazel & Brian decided to take personalisation to the next level, and photo-shopped their faces onto some of their favourite movie posters, we particularly love this Juno one!

Image: Remain in Light


Richard and Rebecca wanted to incorporate Richard’s love of cricket by painting mini cricket bats and writing the names of some popular cricket grounds on beautifully. Delicate little touches such as crocheted lace bows made sure that they kept in theme with the rest of their decor.

Image: Anesta Broad 

Sahm & Ash met in a betting shop so it seemed only right that they pay homage to this and had a jockey themed table plan! Brilliant! (My dad would like this one!)

Image: Kirsty Mackenzie 

We hope this post gives you some more ideas on how to bring your theme to life, while also incorporating your personal journey as a couple.

The options are endless when it comes to your table plan, but do let us know what other alternative wedding ideas you’d like to see! ☺️

Have a great long weekend, whatever you get up to, wedding planning or not!


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