Supplier Spotlight – Wedhead

Our questions have had a shake up this month, and this time, Anastasia from Wedhead takes on our quickfire questions!


Please introduce yourself:

My name is Anastasia and I run Wedhead – a hire company that was created with the perfect bride in mind. Someone stylish and trendy, free from the conformity of traditional wedding mandates, who just wants to just have fun on her special day – all while sitting on a pretty chair!


Your business…

1. What made you want to set up your business?

I worked in events before getting married and when planning my own wedding I was shocked how little was available for hire. We didn’t want a traditional wedding breakfast and really struggled to find suppliers who could help.


2. What’s the best part of your job?

Working for ourselves comes with certain challenges, but it’s pretty great to be your own boss!

3. What’s the worst part of your job?

Traffic on M25… I guess I’m not alone here!?

4. What’s the weirdest request you’ve ever had from a client?

To deliver vintage church pews through to the second floor of her venue through the window on a crane. Needless to say, we politely declined in the interest of our own sanity and public safety.

5. What’s been your favourite ever wedding you’ve worked on/at?

So many weddings we work on are absolutely next level, I could never pick one! You think you have seen it all and then there will be a marquee floating in the middle of a lake and you think “wow”!


6. You’re surrounded by beauty in your job, what do you find beautiful?

When everything ties in together seamlessly. There is something very extraordinary about creating a stunning organic-feeling space that feels like it belongs, when just 48 hours ago it was nothing.

7. Best piece of advice to offer to those getting married?

Do not sweat the small stuff, instead invest into the visual real-estate that will be noticed. I always tell the brides who are feeling anxious – imagine yourself 20 years from now, what stands out to you about your day? Whatever the answer, it’s most likely not wedding favours. And advice No. 2 – get the help if you are struggling! A good wedding planner can prove absolutely invaluable, and make or break how you feel on your day, so prioritise your happiness.


8. Anyone you particularly admire in the industry?

I salivate over American and Aussie based rental companies. If you feel like your Pinterest wedding goals aren’t unattainable enough already, check out Found Rentals and Hampton Hire.

9. Best piece of advice you’ve ever been given?

Treat others how you would like to be treated yourself. I think it’s working 🙂

10. What was your career plan B?

Diving instructor. I have a real PADI diploma that is one step away from being able to teach – aka being trusted with other people’s lives 25 meters underwater. Risky business but probably couldn’t fault the view from the office!


11. Where do you call home?

Where the heart is. I moved countries many times so will gladly move to wherever my loved ones are.

12. What’s your favourite shop?

Flying Tiger of Copenhagen! Or just Tiger. Any time I go in I find useful items that that don’t break the bank. Guilt free shopping guaranteed, especially when you feel like buying “something”.

13. Favourite restaurant?

Our friends own a little Italian place called Ill Trillo – maybe I’m biased but every time we go there, eating out feels romantic. Living a hectic lifestyle, we eat out a lot, so for a dinner to feel special is definitely a big deal for me.

14. Favourite film?

Some Like It Hot.

15. Cocktail of choice?

Beer counts?

16. Your biggest extravagance?

Manicures. Like Elle Woods I find manicures therapeutic, and well done nails essential – even if I am just driving a van.

17. Do you collect anything?

This has become a job, but my husband and I definitely have a thing for furniture design!

18. If you could buy any building, which would it be?

I want to say The Hoover Building, but the sight of a motorway from your windows would be a little depressing.

19. What’s the most romantic thing someone’s ever done for you?

My husband agreed to run a business with me! While it may not be the most romantic thing, I am definitely most grateful for it. He does come out with little romantic touches from time to time when I least expect it which is very sweet 🙂


20. Where do you go to let your hair down?

I love horse riding, I should probably do this more often as it really makes me feel alive and I get a whole burst of energy for a few weeks ahead… but it’s tricky to find time.

And finally…

21. Tell us something surprising about yourself!

I have a Masters degree from King’s College London which makes me a very well educated van driver with a great manicure 🙂


22. Invisibility or flight?

Flight. Which is ironic as I am scared of flying but I simply have trust issues and always watch the crew, pilots and airport stuff with ample suspicion!

23. Any regrets in life?

Nothing major and you do need to move on from little mistakes to make sure you can learn from them.

24. Tell us your favourite Instagram accounts at the moment!

Found Rentals @foundrentals for furniture envy, Emily Henderson @em_henderson for interiors, Tasty Japan @tastyjapan for weird food and Peony Studio @peonystudio for beautifully curated event backstage and inspiration

25. If you could change one thing in the world, what would it be?

There are so many answers to this question ranging from peace on earth to the balance of my bank account!


Thank you so much to Anastasia from Wedhead for taking part! I’m a massive fan of Wedhead and have been following Anastasia’s work for years, so I absolutely loved reading this! I am totally enlightened and totally in love with this babe even more!

She had me at the thought of sitting on a pretty chair… but this manicured, van driving, kilt loving gal has stolen my heart!

(P.S. I need to find out where she got that pink pom pom jumper…)


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