Why Have An Engagement Shoot (I didn’t, and I regret it…)

Let’s set the scene a little; you’ve booked your venue, you’ve started looking for your dress, and next up you’re probably looking into photographers. You find one that you totally love, read up on pricing and packages and then realise one thing you keep seeing pop up is an engagement shoot. Some photographers offer this as standard with packages, some give you an option, and for others it’s an additional add-on for a fee.

“We’ve been engaged for quite some time, do we really need one?”

“Is it a bit of a waste of our wedding money?”

“I hate having my photo taken so this sounds like torture!”

… Like I did, these are just some of the things you may be thinking when you first read the words ‘engagement shoot’ (often referred to as a pre-wedding shoot, too). So I thought I’d share some of my favourite London wedding photographers with you, and tell you why I think you should have an engagement shoot (I didn’t FYI, and I regret it).

Image: Matt Badendoch

To get used to the camera

For most of us, professional photoshoots are rare and you may not have actually had any professional photos taken of both of you together. It’s pretty common to feel awkward and uncomfortable at the thought of having an engagement shoot, but the good thing is that by having one before the wedding day itself you have the chance to get used to being in front of a camera and eliminate a lot of those photo related anxieties before the big day.

Image: Remain In Light Photography

To get to know your photographer better

Your photographer will most likely be the one person (and definitely the one supplier) you spend most of your time with on your wedding day… besides your new husband/wife! So the more you get to know them, the more relaxed you will feel on the day. During your engagement shoot, you have the chance to chat with your photographer about anything and everything so use it as an opportunity to really get to know them, and get comfortable with them.

Image: Lucie Watson Photography

So your photographer can get know you better

As well as you getting to know them, they can get to know you as a couple better. It’s great for your photographer to see how you interact together; you may be a couple that loves a bit of PDA, or you may prefer to just make each other belly laugh and pull silly faces, either way if your photographer knows this before your wedding day they’ll know what your preference is for photos and make you super relaxed. It’s also a good time to point out any hang ups you may have so they are conscious of that when they photograph you.

Image: Chloe Lee Photography

To have fun!

Ultimately use your engagement shoot as a fun day out together. Just like your wedding, it’s your day, your way! You can do and go wherever you like, within reason, for your shoot, so either have a lovely stroll around a beautiful park, maybe take your dog along too, or do something more adventurous… like playing mini golf! It’s also nice to capture some images of the area where you live together, your favourite places, and even your favourite pub (see below!).

Image: Schryver Weddings

Have you thought about having an engagement shoot? I’d love to know where your dream shoot location would be!

And if you need any photographer recommendations, don’t hesitate to give me a shout!


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