Non Cheesy Ways to Make Your Wedding Pics Pop!

Whether you’re having a wedding at a village hall, a barn, a tipi in a field, or a manor house, there are several ways you can make your photos pop and achieve fun wedding pics without falling into the ‘cheesy’ photo territory. We’ve put together a few of our favourite inexpensive ways of bringing a few props to your couple shoot on the day, that, no matter what your space or venue is, will help you mix up your wedding photos… and add even more fun to them!

Non cheesy props are also good to use in your wedding pics if you’re not especially fond of PDAs…

Image: Chloe Lee Photography


This first idea is probably more of a practical one, come rain or shine umbrellas can either shelter you from the sun (who wants to get sun burnt on their wedding day!) or a bit of a down pour. They can also look super cute in misty or foggy pics (good if you are getting married anywhere near the Docklands in London, anywhere in a valley, or anywhere in Scotland!). Get the thought of those ugly golf umbrellas out your head though; umbrellas can be really aesthetically pleasing too! From rainbows, to heart shaped or even just a clear umbrella, you can protect yourselves from the elements whilst ensuring that your photos still look awesome. Umbrellas are also especially good if you’re not good at posing – to give you something to hang on to!

We’d recommend our friends over at Brolly Bucket if you’re looking to hire some pretty ones.

Image: Danielle Smith Photography

Coloured Smoke Bombs

If you look up ‘alternative photo ideas’ over on Pinterest, smoke bomb pics are some of the first to pop up. That said, frankly, we’re still in love with smoke bombs and think they look ace! (The colours! So fun!!) They’re a great talking point and something to really make your photos stand out – something to have fun with, for sure. We asked some our photographer friends about them, and, whilst they said they love using them, it’s definitely something you need to talk to your photographer about before your wedding day. Most smoke bombs can only be used outside too, FYI.

Image: Chloe Lee Photo

Confetti Cannons

Gone are the days of your nan passing around handfuls of confetti from a tiny box of plastic and paper shapes she got from the local card shop; if you’re looking for maximum impact confetti photos, or want to make your party start with an extra bang (great for your first dance too), confetti cannons are great! They’re not as expensive as you’d think, and just one or two give you a lot of impact. Plus, how fun is the pic below??

Image: Chloe Lee Photography


When it comes to balloons, we think bigger is better! Jazz up the string with some tassels or extra ribbon and they can make your photos stand out even more. You can buy helium and non helium balloons fairly cheaply on Amazon or Hobbycraft, or our friends at Bubblegum Balloons will cater for all your balloon needs if you’re not the DIY type!

(Make sure to read our supplier spotlight post with the Bubblegum girls here too!)

Image: Danielle Smith Photography


A sparkler exit is a great way to end your evening and make great lasting photos for your wedding album or thank you cards, although we advise checking when your photographers finish time is and planning to do sparkler photos just before they leave; ensure you’ve timed it right so you get the perfect light for it.

Top tip: make sure you buy the extra long sparklers so no one burns themselves, and clear it with your venue first!

Image: Lucie Watson Photography

Hopefully that’s given you some inspo for some creative ways to make your photos pop, and at the very least some ideas for other ways to engage your guests with some inexpensive props to get some fun wedding pics!

Do also chat these though with your photographer too, as they may have some other fun ideas up their sleeve! And obviously will be the one to help you make it all happen!


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