Island Vibes | How to Create the Coolest Tropical Wedding

As I write this I’m currently on a mid season mini break in sunny Palma Nova in Mallorca with some wedding pals… which has provided the perfect backdrop to bring you tropical wedding inspo today!

We’ve seen some really cool wedding themes this summer – nautical, festival, woodland, fairy-tale. But the hottest of them all was tropical! Retro tropical, neon tropical, chic and sophisticated tropical…..there’s a spin on this theme for every fun, party-loving couple, and when it comes to weddings, there is so much you can do to infuse your big day with a tropical vibe. Simple props, bright and bold colours, neon signs and heaps of island foliage will breathe life into your tropical wedding and create the most unique and unforgettable day.

Our personal favourite is tropical chic, which ensembles a variety of island greenery, florals and minimalist gold, white, orange and green props. You can achieve a super sophisticated tropical look from even the blankest canvas. In fact, the barer the better when it comes to creating your island wedding celebration.

Here’s a little inspo to get the party started….

Image: Green Wedding Shoes

Tropical Table Decor

When it comes to tropical table décor, there are so many props that you can use to create a chic island vibe. A lush green statement runner matched up with bold florals adds a sophisticated feel of tropics to a long, bare table setting. Bamboo accessories, candle holders, mismatched green bottle vases and wicker style or wooden seating brings the table to life along with giant tropical foliage pots.

Image: Ruffled Blog

Image: Green Wedding Shoes

Image: Polka Dot Bride

Giant Palm Leaves

Dark green, bright white and rose-gold spray painted accessories make a great combo when it comes to styling up the island vibe. You can even tie giant palm leaves to the back of your chairs or use them as the main ingredient when it comes to table floral arrangements. The palm leaf is so effective and can even be bought in bulk online from somewhere like DZD or ebay.

Image: Sarah Street Photography

Image: Green Wedding Shoes

Playful Pineapples

The pineapple is a certified must-have if you are going for a tropical wedding theme, and they can be used in so many effective and creative ways! You can use them to line your bench-style tables or have just one alongside a candle and table number to create a fun tropic centrepiece. I love a rose-gold spray painted pineapple too – this effect can easily put a different spin on your island vibe style.

Image: Style Me Pretty

Image: Kaity Brawley 

Image: Nassim Beni Blog

Bright and Bold Tropics

If you want to fully embrace a tropical theme for your big day, then bright and bold is where it’s at! Cerise pinks, canary yellows, burnt oranges and sea greens will create a fun, carnival-style party setting for your guests. If you’re lucky enough to be marrying outside, then you can easily style up the bar or chill out area with colour bursts and DIY island décor. Tassels, pineapple cut-outs and flamingo statues against a plain wooden shack style bar will transport your guests from Hackney to Barbados!

Image: Renee Hollingshead

Image: Period Ideas

Neon Tropical

I’m so in love with neon signs (the cool, retro, sophisticated rather than trashy kind!). They work so well in the right setting, especially when it comes to tropical themed weddings. Couples are choosing statement neon signs like ‘I love you’, ‘Dearly Beloved’ or just plain and simple symbols like the heart below. How cool does the bright lit-up heart look with a palm, banana and mixed tropical foliage leaf frame? With the right hands on deck, this prop would be so easy to make. You can even purchase or hire online from somewhere like Love Inc or Neon Sign Hire.

Image: Tin Can Studios

Image: Mariage Quebec

The tropical island vibe isn’t going anywhere when it comes to wedding themes and styling. If you’re planning a 2019 wedding, this theme is really worth considering if you want a fun, island, carnival style celebration. Pineapples, flamingos, lush green runners, neon signs and cocktails are all you need to create your dream tropical wedding. Maybe a touch of Bob Marley and a Malibu on ice too…..if that’s your thing!

Photography Credits: Polka Dot BrideNassim Beni Blog | Green Wedding Shoes | Ruffled Blog | Style Me Pretty | Period Ideas | Renee Hollingshead | Martha Stewart Weddings | Sarah Street Photography | Kaity Brawley | Mariage Quebec


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