Supplier Spotlight – Trifonics

This month three friends from one of London’s most talented musical trios, the Trifonics, join us on the blog to answer our quick-fire ‘get to know you’ questions!

The classical girl group trio play at events at various locations all over the UK with an effortless and capturing repertoire including many current top hits. Think Coldplay, Taylor Swift and Bruno Mars style tunes, but mellowed down and transformed into blissful classical renditions. So perfect for a walk down the aisle, dinner entertainment or any part of your big day that requires three beautifully talented musicians! I first met Trifonics at Sinead + Jack’s wedding back in April, and I couldn’t recommend them more!

Here they are to tell us all about their love for music and playing at weddings in October’s Supplier Spotlight….



Please Introduce Yourself

We are the Trifonics, an all female Flute, Violin and Cello Trio. We perform for weddings and events all around London and the UK, playing a mixture of music from light Classical to Jazz. We pride ourselves in our ever-growing repertoire, and we create our own pop arrangements upon request!


Your business…


1. What made you want to set up your business?

We are 3 musicians who met in Covent Garden, the world known Classical busking pitch, and ended up living together in a house share.  We decided it would be a perfect opportunity to start a group together.


2. What’s the best part of your job?

The best part of our job is we get to play music on a regular basis! We are self employed, so we are our own bosses and we get to travel all across the UK and further a field discovering unique locations and destinations.


3. What’s the worst part of your job?

I’m not sure there is a worst part of our job, except it can be a very anti-social lifestyle, often working weekends and during the holidays. This is especially true during our busiest seasons – summer and Christmas – so fitting in time to spend with family and friends during these times is often difficult.


4. What’s the weirdest request you’ve ever had from a client?

I’m not sure there is a weirdest request! All requests that we have had, we try and make happen!!


5. What’s been your favourite ever wedding you’ve worked on/at?

There are many favourite locations and weddings we’ve played at. Recently we played at a very unique church in Kent, which was in the Marsh Lands on an island. It was a 15th century church with a lot of history. We have also recently played at a beautiful church on the top of a hill over looking the most stunning landscape of the south downs.


6. You’re surrounded by beauty in your job. What do you find beautiful?

We play in many locations and venues across the UK and still our favourite thing is the landscape. Some venues have such beautiful landscapes and on sunny days, this really adds to the experience.


7. Best piece of advice to offer to those getting married?

Book early to avoid disappointment!


8.  Best piece of advice you’ve ever been given?

Never be late!


10. What was your career plan B?

We’ve never had a Plan B career… we’ve always loved music individually, and have always just wanted to make it work!




11. Where do you call home?

London is our home. We live and work the London lifestyle.


12. Favourite shop?

Our favourite shops would either have to be a charity or vintage shops. We could all spend hours sifting through clothes and books looking for little treasures!


13. Favourite Film?

We all have very different taste in films we like, but one we could all agree on was the old style black and white films.


14. Cocktail of choice?

Our cocktail of choice would have to be a simple Bellini.


15. Do you collect anything?

We all love to travel, and we are lucky enough to also travel with work, so we all like to collect things from all the different places we go.


16. If you could buy any building, which would it be?

This is a tough question! It took us a long time to decide but we came up with a house! It would be nice to stop paying these super high London rents!!


18. Where do you go to let your hair down?

We don’t have a particular place to go but we love to let our hair down over a glass of wine.



And finally…


19. Tell us something surprising about yourself!

We all love animals and the under water world.


20. Invisibility or flight?



21. Any regrets in life?

No, we have no regrets in life, we live and learn from all our experiences and always strive to learn from our mistakes.


22. Tell us your favourite Instagram accounts at the moment!

Unfortunately we don’t have one of these moments as we are not on Instagram! Strange in this day and age we know!


23. If you could change one thing in the world what would it be?

For people to be kinder to one another.



Thank you so much to the Trifonics girls for taking part! We absolutely love their style and sound, and wish them all the best as they rock out their classical medleys in and around London and the UK. I’m sure their diary is already filling up for next year, so our advice is to book now if you are planning your 2019 wedding!


Photography Credits: Trifonics







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