Wedding DIY Cheats – get creative and save money!

If you’re currently planning your big day, you may well be surprised at the mounting costs of all the elements it takes to pull off your dream wedding… We know, it’s expensive! However, if you’re willing to put in the effort and a couple of extra hours, there are SO many ways in which a few wedding DIY cheats can save the day (and your wallet!). Many couples now use DIY methods to personalise their weddings, as it’s the most beautiful, enjoyable and cost-saving way to create your wedding vision. As nerve-wrecking as it may feel first, it really is such a fun and thrifty way to personalise your wedding, especially once you get into the swing of it! And remember, you’re most certainly not alone when it comes to wedding DIY – Pinterest and Instagram will be your very best DIY friends when it comes to inspiration, and definitely rope in your mums and your ‘maids, that’s what they’re for! Just leave yourself plenty time!

Hopefully today’s blog will give you the inspiration you need to get started on your way to wedding budget bliss so that you can save, save, save – and spend your money more wisely on the things that matter to you the most.

Here’s a few ideas to get you started….


DIY décor and props are really so easy to make… as long as you have a little help! Don’t be afraid to ask your friends and family. Most will be happy to help and be a part of your special day. Why not try making these hanging pom poms to brighten up your reception space? All you need is tissue paper, string and scissors. They are so easy to make, you can do it sitting in front of the TV… and they are super lightweight too, so easy to utilise anywhere on the day.

Image by Evermine

Table Runners

If you want something to bring trestle tables to life, visit your local material shop and buy enough of your desired material (think hessian for a rustic countryside wedding, steel grey fabric for a contemporary modern wedding or sheer tulle for a wonderful whimsical wedding) and get measuring and cutting to make your very own table runners! The look below is very relaxed and styled in a soft flowing manner, so you don’t have to have exact measurements either, but err on the side of slightly too much – rather than too little, and making do.

table-runner-drape-trestle-tableImage by


A collection of multi size glass bottles hosting wild flowers can be styled up or down depending on what kind of look you are going for. I think more is more for these though, as otherwise your tables could look a bit odd with only one mismatched bottle. Recycled green and clear bottles make great slimline vases for foliage sprigs and wildflower arrangements. You can collect these yourself if glass bottles are something you use regularly, or, be bold and visit your nearest pub. They might happily let you have access to the bottle bin and allow you to take your pick!

(Also if you fancy wood slices on your tables, make sure you go to your local tree surgery company. They will have tons of logs and slices for you to choose from!)

wild-flower-bottles-wedding-diyImage by Joasis Photography from Laura + Rob’s wedding we did together


Visit a local flower market for your flowers and save hundreds on the cost of hiring a florist, even just for centrepieces. So many brides are choosing to save their pennies and use them on other parts of the wedding budget rather than overspend on petals. It’s really not as difficult or as daunting as it may seem, and you get complete control and transparency on exactly what you are buying.

Image by Flickr


DIY stationery is becoming so popular amongst brides. You can easily create your own invitation designs online with so many software packages offering great themed wedding templates (Etsy and Creative Market are my go-tos). Handwriting name tags, creating your own table plan and orders of service (see below!) and sign painting directions and other signage by hand are the cheapest and most personalised ways to style up your stationery. And you can have a lot of fun doing it too!

Image by Tim Bishop Photography

Signage and Table Plans

Hand painting and writing your own signage can save loads on your big day, especially as these aren’t the sort of things you’re going to keep afterwards. You can easily make your own name tags with a calligraphy pen. If your hand writing isn’t great, rope in a friend or family member to get arty with you. You can create so much out of pallet wood, a mirror, chalk boards and simple rustic-cut wood slices. Why pay someone else to make these for you when you can DIY? So much more personal and such a bonus for the budget!

charlotte-hu-co-wedding-diy-devine-bridecharlotte-hu-co-wedding-diy-devine-bride charlotte-hu-co-wedding-diy-devine-brideImages by Charlotte Hu from Phoebe + Nick’s wedding we did together


Cake makers of course charge depending on the size of the cake and number of guests you are having, so this can seem a bit extravagant if you are having a large wedding as the cost is essentially another cost per person. As gorgeous and luxe as a bespoke wedding cake is, you really can park this cost outside of your budget and do something much more fun to feed your guests cake on your wedding day if you’re not too precious about it… Why not ask members of your wedding party if they fancy taking part in a wedding ‘bake off’? It’s a great way to have a yummy variety of different flavours and fillings on your cake table and also such a scrummy way of getting your nearest and dearest involved too. I did something similar for my own wedding, and asked local London guests to bring a cake instead of a present – if they wanted to! I was overwhelmed with how many cakes we had on the day in end!

Image by Dominique Bader Photography


If Kate Middleton can do it, then so can you! Doing your own hair and make up on your wedding day is a real money saver, especially if it’s an area you are already confident in. If you treat yourself to a few nice products and watch a few tutorials on perfecting your desired bridal look, there’s absolutely no reason why you won’t look totally amazing on your wedding day. Get the girls round to have a practice and if you’re still too nervous to go it alone, ask one of them to be your personal MUA on the day.

Image by Agnes Beauty Corner

DIY really is such a good way to achieve the wedding that you want by creating things the way that you want to. Start gathering your ideas together and approaching your besties to ask for their involvement. You could even throw a pre-wedding DIY party night – just make it fun and you will be amazed at what you can create. Just leave yourself plenty of time!


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