Confetti Tips for the Best Pics

We are all about attention to detail here at Devine Bride (naturally!), which is why we fully appreciate it’s often the smallest parts of the planning process that have the biggest impact… Confetti tips is something that might seem small in the grand scheme of wedding planning, but actually, this beautiful and fun addition needs a little thought in order to create the highest impact on your big day.

Confetti can make or break a post ceremony shot, so we thought it deserved a little limelight here on the blog to tell you how it can be used to create the perfect celebratory moment.

What kind of confetti could you use?

Well, this is highly dependant on your wedding theme and the kind of vibe you want to go for on the day. If you are going for an outdoors, countryside wedding then dried rose petals work well. If you are planning a vibrant city wedding then bright, bold tissue confetti could work. Or if you want fuss-free, neutral confetti then simple, plain white boxed confetti is a good option. It’s good to make an eco friendly choice too, so perhaps bare this in mind when ordering. Check out this biodegradable confetti from the Confetti Shop or this eco-friendly rose petal confetti from eBay. However, a venue I freelance at also keeps and dries out all the petals from all their table flowers every week, which is a great way to recycle the flowers they use within the venue! (So bear that in mind too the next time you’re lucky enough to be gifted some flowers!)


Photos by Devlin Photos from Tien + Kenzo’s wedding we worked on together


When should confetti make an appearance?

A great time for the big confetti moment is right after the ceremony. Whether you are exiting the church, leaving the countryside barn or heading down the steps of the town hall, if planned right, your confetti moment will fit in perfectly right here!


Photo by Story and Colour Photography from Marina + Anthony’s wedding we worked on together


Who should give out the confetti?

Ideally this is a job for the best man, the bridesmaids, or close family and friends that you know will be more than happy to help out on the day. They should give out confetti to your guests when they arrive for the ceremony, or,  place on their seats to ensure every guest has some ready for the big post-ceremony throw! Forward planning by your loved ones will avoid any faffing about outside.


Photo by Chloe Lee Photography from Kat + Colin’s wedding we worked on together


Who will organise the ‘big throw’

This is where I step in usually, but if you don’t have a coordinator, your photographer will happily help to organise this – as they will really want to achieve a super visual moment, just like you do! I usually work with the photographer to help shuffle and position everyone throughout the day, so we are happy to orchestrate this moment for you. Just make sure your photographer knows in advance that you want to do a confetti shot. You could also ask your registrar or celebrant to make an announcement at the end of the ceremony to give guests a heads-up regarding the timing of the confetti throw.


Photos by Charlotte Hu Photography from Phoebe + Nick’s wedding we worked on together


What can you do to help?

It’s important that you and your newlywed hang back for a few minutes so that all of your guests can get themselves in prime throwing positions. This is a lovely moment to steal just the two of you, to take everything in that you’ve just got married! If you have a second shooter, sometimes they will use this opportunity to get a few couple shots of you back inside the building with those just-married beaming smiles…! Usually the main photographer and I will arrange two lines or group people in a certain way for maximum effect depending on the venue – as there’s always a few guests that need shuffled aroud. Single-file lines that are as long as possible work really well and give the best opportunity to get the very best photographs.


Photos by Sasha Weddings from Natasha + Jack’s wedding we worked on together


Here’s a few extra tips for you and your beloved when it comes to the big confetti moment…


  • Walk slowly… and enjoy the moment!  So many couple’s rush down the line in excitement, but take it slow in order to get the best (and most) pics!

  • Share a kiss midway through the throw and at the top or bottom of your confetti throwing aisle.

  • Ideally guests should throw confetti up rather than at you! Make sure they get the memo!


Photo by Charlotte Hu Photography from Sinead + Jack’s wedding we worked on together







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