An Alternative Take on Cutting the Cake!

Cutting the cake is one of the biggest anti-climaxes for me as a wedding planner – and as a guest.

By the time you’ve managed to get all your (already tipsy!) guests to gather around with their phones, you could have probably dished it all out, eaten a fat slice and be well on your way to the dance floor.

My weddings obviously run a bit more prompt than this though! And I also usually do a count down with the guests (if the couple are ok with it) to make it more of ‘a thing’…

But as it’s a lovely wedding tradition and a great photo opportunity, how can we make it a bit more… fun?


Read on for a few ideas!



A Piñata Hit

In other cultures, the wedding cake is broken over the bride’s head to bring fertility and good fortune to the couple. This apparently started in ancient Rome where bread was broken over the bride’s head for the same superstitions. I’m not sure I entirely support either of these ideas (for hair and make-up reasons!) but a different take on this would be smashing a pinata overhead instead! Or, you could have a quirky, ornamental pinata made that can be smashed open with a hammer or something equally as fun. Fill it with sweeties and dish them all out to your guests!



A Cake Smash

Following nicely on… Cake smashes are a bit of a trend for styled shoots at the moment. However, I’m yet to see one at a real wedding! I’d love my next couple to brave a cake smash! If you want to go crazy with your cake, I’d say firstly have your hair and makeup artist on standby, and perhaps a change of dress. Not for the fainthearted but absolutely one of the most fun options!



A Pop of Confetti

Any photos featuring confetti are great fun! Confetti cannons or confetti balloons popped overhead would add a ton of excitement and showmanship to your cake cutting photos for sure. For confetti cannons, ask your wedding party to stand behind you so that you can coordinate the cut and get some great photos.



An Alternative Knive

Not into making a song and dance about it? Simply switch your cake knife with something a little more extravagant or fun. I’ve seen a few cool ones in my time, from swords to axes to guillotines!

Simply having some lovely flowing ribbon on your cake knive can also make all the difference for your pics too though!



A Profiterole Tower

The great thing about this style of ‘wedding cake’ is that it looks great and really gives the ‘wow’ factor! The higher the tower, the more there is to fall during the big cut, and this is where the fun will really begin….



A Donut Wall

This style of wedding cake was absolutely bang on trend for 2018 and I don’t see 2019 being any different. Donuts can look so so pretty – all different toppings, frostings and sprinkles give such a fab visual look and will really impress your guests. The trend is still different enough to be considered quirky, so go for it! If nothing else it’s a super fun backdrop, too.



Something Other Than Cake…

Who doesn’t love waffles and pancakes?! I love this idea, and the maple syrup pouring could become part of the ‘cutting’ activity too.



I hope that’s given you some food for thought!

I’d love to see your pics if you go for any of these options!


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