24 Hours To Go – Your Miss to Mrs Checklist

There are so many things to plan, organise and prepare for a wedding – and so many moving parts, as fine I know! You might spend months or even years planning your big day, so wouldn’t it be a shame if a tiny little unplanned detail tripped you up at the last minute? You might need a little wedding checklist…

Luckily we’re here with our ’24 hours to go’ checklist as a sanity check for to ensure your wedding runs without a hitch 😘

Wedding Checklist Bridesmaids morning of the wedding
Pic by Sarah Ann Wright Photography from Samantha + Nick’s wedding we worked together on

1. Check your emails

Be sure to double check your emails the day before the wedding, just in case suppliers have contacted you with any last-minute queries or notifications.

2. Send an email to suppliers

If you don’t have a wedding planner or coordinator, it’s good to send an email to all of your suppliers the day before or on the evening of the wedding to say that you are looking forward to seeing them the next day. It’s always nice to touch base with your suppliers right before the craziness!

3. Confirm your MUA and hairdresser’s timings

Ensure that you are not the last to have your make-up and hair done. Lots of MUA’s and hairdressers will suggest that you are last to whip up, so that your look is as fresh as can be and lasts longer throughout the day, but believe me, the angst that builds if you are the last to be pampered is sometimes overwhelming, especially when the clock is ticking and prep time is running out. The last thing you want is to feel rushed whilst being prepped to perfection! I’d go second to last, then get a touch up after your last ‘maid/mum.

4. Confirm pick up times with your transport company

Ensure your driver has your contact details, full address details and the exact pick up time in advance of the big day. The last thing you want is to be stood up on your wedding morning!


Wedding Checklist wedding taxi black London cab
Pic by Sarah Ann Wright Photography from Samantha + Nick’s wedding we worked together on

5. Let’s eat cake

Make sure your cake is set to be delivered or is on its way to the venue the day before the wedding. The venue will need to know how to store it and where to put it in advance of the day too.

6. Give final guest count to caterer and venue

Make sure you keep in good touch with the venue and your caterers and if you haven’t already, ensure they have a heads up on total and final guest count number with at least 24 hours to spare.

7. Liaise with your caterers

Ensure your caterers have a detailed printed plan for the day so that they are super clued up on timings from when to serve starters to clearing the last dessert plate. Including all dietaries requirements and any kids’ meals.

8. Organise your place cards

Organise your place cards by table – this will save endless chaos, confusion and delays for your caterers. (And is an easy way to check you’ve not forgotten anyone!)


Wedding Checklist place settings and place names for your wedding breakfast
Pic by Charlotte Hu Photography from Phoebe + Nick’s wedding we worked together on

9. Get sentimental

Keep a few copies of your order of service and menu and put them aside as keepsakes for you and your family. Only a small detail but one you won’t regret!

10. Speak with family and friends

Check in with your parents and fam and ensure they know where they’re supposed to be (and when) on the day. Also make sure your MC (if you have one) is fully briefed and equipped to make sure the timings are met, and events happen as they should.

11. Wear in your shoes

Practise walking in your shoes and preferably ‘wear them in’ so that blisters are less likely on the day. You could even pack a pair of alternative shoes for the dancefloor later on.


Wedding Checklist something blue Jenny Packham bridal shoes
Pic by Charlotte Hu Photography from Sinead + Jack’s wedding we worked together on (shoes by No 1 Jenny Packham)

12. Don’t wash and go

Wash your hair the day before the wedding so that it’s at its optimum level of styling potential in the morning. Your hairdresser will really thank you for it, but obviously discuss with them first too!

13. Check the weather

Asses the weather a day or two before your wedding date and get your ‘maids involved by asking them for help in preparing ‘plan B’ props. For example, will your guests need umbrellas supplied? Or will you need to supply blankets for outdoor ceremonies and evening chill out areas?

14. Double check your witness/best man has the rings!

Ring bearers come in all shapes and sizes… Couples have been known to send their pets down the aisle with a ring box, and one couple I saw online even sent their tortoise down the aisle with a ribbon-tied box attached to its shell – true story! (I imagine that was a slow ceremony…!)

Whoever (or whatever!) is responsible for the all-important exchanging of the rings, ensure they have the rings kept safe and ready for the big moment.

15. Emergency kit

Prep your emergency kit purse and include things like safety pins, hair pins, paracetamol, mini hairspray, perfume and body tape. Side note – show your Maid of Honour how to bustle/pin up your dress, definitely helps to practise before the bubbles!


Wedding Checklist getting ready bridal wedding dress
Pic by Sarah Ann Wright Photography from Samantha + Nick’s wedding we worked together on

16. Make up kit

Make sure you stash a make up kit at the venue for a mid-afternoon top-up from day through to evening and ensure there is always a lipstick or gloss nearby that you can easily get your hands on. My married best friend still complains to this day that she didn’t have make-up handy on her wedding day. The Italian heat (she married in Lake Como) had sweated off her make-up by mid-afternoon and none of her ‘maids had brought supplies, leaving her with a half-done make up look as day turned into night. ☹️

17. Save your bouquet

Appoint a bridesmaid or family member to be responsible for grabbing your bouquet at the end of the night. Bouquets really are lovely keepsakes as they can be dried and used for all sorts of decorative purposes post-wedding.


Wedding Checklist beautiful bouquet Emma Soulsby
Pic by Charlotte Hu Photography from Sinead + Jack’s wedding we worked together on (flowers by Emma Soulsby)

18. Take some ‘you’ time

Spend 15 minutes by yourself during the morning of the wedding and maybe even during the big day if you need to. Go for a walk to clear your head or find a quiet space to calm any last-minute nerves. A little moment of meditation and reflection will really help you to take it all in!

19. Go to bed early

As tempting and exciting as it is to want to stay up late and chat with your ‘maids, be as disciplined as you can in order to get a good night’s sleep pre-wedding day. Your big day will be wonderfully exhausting, and you will need all the rest and shut-eye you can manage before you venture into the biggest day of your life! I had 2 hours sleep before my wedding day alarm went off, partly because I went to bed late and partly because of nerves. I was utterly exhausted from morning ‘till night, not to mention the dark circles!

20. And finally… just chill!

The day before your wedding should be as relaxed as you can possibly make it. Spend an afternoon with your girls, go to a spa for some ‘you’ time, put your feet up and rest. Perhaps easier said than done, but if you’ve ticked off everything on your to-do list, just embrace the calm. And remember, get an early night!

If it’s not checked off your wedding checklist by now, please don’t worry, send the ‘maids in instead!

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