Best Wedding Advice by My Fav 10 Wedding Suppliers!

A burgeoning inbox and mobile phone that beeps multiple times an hour lets me know that I am well and truly in the full swing of “wedding season” right now!

Yes, the pace is hectic and the evenings spent burning the midnight oil at my laptop can be long, but at a recent event it really did hit me, how right now, I wouldn’t want to be doing anything else… because, frankly, there is nothing quite as magical, atmospheric, and emotive as two people standing in front of their nearest and dearest and saying “I do” followed by a great big celebration and knees up afterwards.

Not only have I had the opportunity to meet so many wonderful couples at the helm of Devine Bride, I have also made some really brilliant friendships with other wedding creatives too. It was at a recent get together we all got chatting over a tipple, discussing just how much effort, time, love, and often stress, goes in to planning a wedding. We were all soon pondering and considering if we were to impart one bit of wisdom to those planning a wedding what would it be. 

The next day, I got to thinking some of these pearls of wisdom from wedding creatives who have cumulatively worked with thousands of couples would be invaluable and so I give invaluable wedding advice from my top fav top 10 wedding suppliers…


Image via Lex Fleming Photo


Lex from Fleming Photo

“Honestly? As long as you show up with clothes, you have rings and witnesses… everrryyyyything else, including me, is a luxury. No one is going to remember if the favours were a certain colour or shape. But everyone will remember if you’re miserable on the day. Forget the small stuff and focus on who you’re marrying and why!”


Image via Green & Envy, credit Matt Willis Photography


Lucy from Green & Envy

“Use Laura (Devine Bride) as your coordinator! Really, the sense of calm confidence you will have knowing that this organisational expert has her eye over each element of your day is absolutely priceless and such a priority investment. Plus, she’s a total darl!” (OMG THANKS LUCY!!)


Image via Malarkey Cakes


Katie from Malarkey Cakes

“You’ll never please everyone, so just do things your way and make your wedding your own! And book early to avoid disappointment!”


Image via Funk City Band


Craig from Funk City Band

“It will go very quickly on the day. Take time to stop, look around you and be ‘present’ to what’s happening. Don’t get too drunk! Have time planned in where nothing happens and you can just ‘be’ with your friends and family.”


Image via Trifonics



“Book early to avoid disappointment!”


Image via Emma Soulsby


Emma from Emma Soulsby Flowers

“Work with a wedding planner! It takes the stress out of the run up to your wedding and your day, and guarantees that everything will run nice and smoothly for you.”


Image via Locke & Busby from Wiltons Music Hall


Tracey from Locke & Busby

“Do what YOU want to do as a couple! Not what your parents want!! Enjoy the day and stop and take it all in, it goes so fast.”


Photo via Bubblegum Balloons from Aynhoe Park


Bubblegum Balloons

“Be up front with your budget. We want your wedding to look better than you could ever have imagined, so will do everything we can to deliver your dream within what’s realistic. The final result is so important to us, so we love to work with couples who know exactly what they’re after, or guide those who might be a little stuck.”


Photo via Anastasia @ Wedhead from her own wedding day


Anastasia from Wedhead

“Do not sweat the small stuff, instead invest into the visual real-estate that will be noticed. I always tell the brides who are feeling anxious – imagine yourself 20 years from now, what stands out to you about your day? Whatever the answer, it’s most likely not wedding favours.

And advice No. 2 – get the help if you are struggling! A good wedding planner can prove absolutely invaluable, and make or break how you feel on your day, so prioritise your happiness.”


Photo via Mother Wild


Gemma from Mother Wild 

“If you want to go overboard then do it, but as long as you’re creating something that represents you both and not just desperately trying to copy what is on your Pinterest board. Pinterest is just a helpful tool, it shouldn’t dictate too much.”

There you have it, top tips and wedding advice from my top fav top 10 wedding suppliers… I hope it makes your wedding planning journey go without any hiccups







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