Supplier Spotlight – Anthology Vintage Hire

This month we have Amy from Anthology Vintage Hire answering my quick fire questions; a company I’ve worked with loads in the past for cool furniture rentals for dry hire venues… and who I love to work with! So I was really excited and intrigued to get to know the gal behind all those sought after trestles, sofas, and props that come my way to set up on wedding days!

Here she is to tell you a bit more about herself….


Please Introduce Yourself

Hi! I’m Amy, founder and owner of Anthology Vintage Hire. We are an experienced furniture rental company, specialising in vintage and rustic wares for your big day. I grew up by the sea in Lowestoft, and now live in Essex with my husband, Ben, and 2 kids, Jack and Oscar.



Your business…


1. What made you want to set up your business?

Ben & I got married in May 2013 and we really wanted to hire some vintage furniture and props for our wedding day, but couldn’t find anywhere that did what we wanted nearby. We were desperate to leave our jobs in retail, so we saw a gap in the market and went for it with Anthology Vintage Hire!



2. What’s the best part of your job?

Oh that’s a tough one. I think it has to be the fact that we are a part of someone’s wedding day! It’s THE most important day of people lives, and the fact we are trusted to be a part of that is amazing.


3. What’s the worst part of your job?

Well, being self employed means you have to do everything yourself! Accounts is not my bag at all, so I have an amazing bookkeeper and accountant to do it for me! It’s all about outsourcing the stuff you hate so you love everything else you do!



4. What’s the weirdest request you’ve ever had from a client?

Mmmm, I don’t think I have ever really been asked anything weird! Sorry, boring answer!



5. What’s been your favourite ever wedding you’ve worked on/at?

I couldn’t possibly choose! We have been involved in some absolutely amazing weddings, and if I’m honest each week it changes!! I think one that is always be very dear to my heart was Liam & Oli’s wedding at One Friendly Place. We had only been trading for about a year when they got married, and it was our first really big wedding. They ordered extra furniture which we made to order, and it was featured in a magazine. They were a joy to deal with and I will always love their wedding.



6. You’re surrounded by beauty in your job. What do you find beautiful?

For me it’s about all about the connections I make with people. From couples who hire our furniture who we get to see on the happiest days of their lives, to venue managers who we deal with on a weekly basis, to fellow wedding suppliers we get to work alongside. Being self employed can be a lonely place, so it’s important to connect with like-minded people who ‘get’ you.


Anthology Vintage Hire


7. Best piece of advice to offer to those getting married?

Make sure you enjoy the moment. Make sure that you don’t fill your day with too much STUFF (that excludes furniture obvs!!). Take your family’s views on board, but don’t let them take over. It’s YOUR day, and it’s so important that you don’t do things for others because you feel you have to keep them happy. Wedding’s are so different from our parents generation, so make sure you show them how amazing something different can be!


8. Anyone you particularly admire in the industry?

God there are so many if I’m honest! But one that has inspired me from day one is Jeni who owns Found Rentals over in America. She was the first rental company I came across that did what we wanted to do, although on a MUCH larger scale!! Her business gave me confidence to take the leap and know that there was a gap in the market for this kind of service [in the UK].


9. Best piece of advice you’ve ever been given?

Mmmm I’ve got a couple, and they all come from my Dad actually! But probably my favourite is ‘Don’t spoil a ship for a ha’p’orth of tar’! I think I love it so much because it’s a random one, but is from an old saying that basically means don’t cut corners, or try and do things quickly or cheaply, as it will only cause issues in the long run. We have always prided ourselves in making great tables, benches and furniture using the best reclaimed wood and materials we can find, so that not only will they look amazing on your big day, but they will stand the test of time. Our first ever batch of ‘6ft Reclaimed Wood Trestle Tables’ are now 5 years old and have seen around 400 weddings, but still look amazing and are going strong!


10. What was your career plan B?

Errr I don’t really have one! I used to be an HR manager before starting Anthology Vintage Hire, so I could always go backto that, but after 5 years of doing this now I really can’t see me doing anything else! Fingers crossed we keep as busy as we are and I don’t have to think about it!





11. Where do you call home?

Feering, Essex. That’s where I live with my husband, Ben, and 2 boys Jack and Oscar. I grew up in Lowestoft and still call it home sometimes! My close friends and mum still live there so I try to go back and see them as often as I can.



12. Favourite shop?

Oooh, for work – I think it’s got to be TK Maxx, Homesense, and Ebay (we can call that a shop right?!!) For me personally, I love to try and shop small brands if I can, but also love a bit of Cos and & Other Stories.


13. Favourite restaurant?

I definitely can’t choose on that! I LOVE food! And different types of food so it’s always changing, but a recent place I went with my sister was Bombetta in Wanstead, Italian style Tapas… flipping delicious!


14. Who would you have play you in a movie about your life?

Uma Therman, because I love Pulp Fiction a bit too much!!


15. Cocktail of Choice?



16. Your biggest extravagance?

Holidays! Going skiing is a big spend for us but we love it!




17. Do you collect anything?

Nope, not really, my husband would say shoes! I guess I’mreally just always busy collecting for the business!


18. If you could buy any building, which one would it be?

My own home outright! So I didn’t have a mahoosive mortgage to pay every month!


19. What’s the most romantic thing someone’s ever done for you?

When my husband proposed, that was pretty romantic 😊 (More deets on this please Amy!!)


20. Where do you go to let your hair down?  

Out (anywhere is fine!!) with my friends and family.


And finally…


21. Tell us something about yourself

I’m in a book! When I was travelling with my sister this guy was also travelling and was writing a book – we feature! (Again, more deets on this please Amy! What’s the name of the book??)


22. Invisibility or flight?



23. Any regrets in life?

Nope – never! Everything happens for a reason.


24. Tell us your favourite Instagram accounts at the moment!

Its got to be @foundrentals. They have been forday 1 of running this business, always inspiring me. Oh and Lewis Capaldi –what a legend!!


25. If you could change one thing in the world what would it be?

That plastic was never invented!


Thanks so much to Amy from Anthology Vintage Hire for taking part! So nice to get to know the woman behind the wood…!!! For the record, this is the collection that my couples choose most from Anthology Vintage Hire: £200 + VAT + delivery for everything (furniture wise) in the pic below! It’s one of my favs too as it’s super fun to style. It can create such a cool bar/chill out area: (Pic is linked)








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