London Town Halls – My Favs

When it comes to planning your nuptials, I know all too well how it can seem like you are looking at a long list that seems to grow every single day. It may be you aren’t too sure where to begin, but a good place to start is your ceremony venue! One of the most important days deserves a great start! And you can’t beat a London town hall wedding, in my opinion!

If you’ve ever been quick to dismiss the idea of a London town hall wedding, then perhaps you haven’t considered just how stylish and beautiful they can be. A town hall wedding also means you have a bit more flexibility with where and what your reception venue can be, too.

Here’s my round up of some of my London favs…


Islington Town Hall

With stunning and amazing original art deco interiors, a grand central marble staircase, and a cleverly designed circular main room so guests are seated around you while you take your vows; it’s my fave, as that’s where I got married!  And it’s also comparatively cheaper than the likes of popular Hackney town hall (would you believe!).


London Town Hall wedding
Images by Cotton Candy Wedding Photography (from my wedding!)


Their website is ‘Say I Do Islington’, and they are one of the only councils where you can create a login and see their whole bookings pages and calendar – to click to book in as you please online.  (A lot of the other councils you have to make an appointment or phone up to pay over the phone.)



Hackney Town Hall

With gorgeous refurbed art deco interiors, and smack bang in the middle of Hackney, it certainly has hipster appeal in abundance. It is an impressive town hall upon entrance and will certainly wow your guests.


london town hall wedding
Image by Alice the Camera from Emma + Jonny’s wedding we worked together on
london town hall wedding
Image by Emily Munster from Jo + Andrew’s wedding we worked together on


Subjectively speaking, the actual ceremony rooms don’t quite compare to the initial impression.  The brand new North and South Artrias are by far the best spaces, but were was only recently opened as ceremony spaces and are most certainly more of an investment as they are such large spaces.  Also FYI; Hackney may make you take a 3 hour booking for these spaces, rather than just a normal 1 hour slots they provide for all of their other rooms.  However you get what you pay for, and the North and South Atrias are pretty spectacular… and the bridal party can make an entrance via a glass elevator if they wish!



Stoke Newington Town Hall

If you are rather enamoured with the aforementioned Hackney Town Hall then you most definitely will want to check Stoke Newington out. It has serious “wedding kerb appeal” based on the fact that’s it’s in Stokey and there is Clissold Park just out back for pics, and also loads of cute pubs and restaurants nearby for pre and apres celebrations. Comparatively though, it is perhaps not for the frugal minded couple!


london town hall wedding
Image by Amanda Clay Photography from Alison + Lydia’s wedding we worked together on


Marylebone Town Hall

This venue definitely has cool factor in spades... not only is it super pretty, it’s where loads of famous nuptials have taken place. Paul McCartney for starters…  That’s where I wanted to get married but (at the time) they were shut for 5 years for a massive multi million pound refurb and only reopened again last year.  I went to the open day when they reopened and it’s super lush, the décor is on point, and they have actually spent money on lovely chairs! A definite point of different from most other town halls! Think; more elegant modern Mad Men vibes.  The building is stunning inside and out.  Worth every single penny – in my opinion!



Woolwich Town Hall

A new fave of mine because it looks like it’s straight out of a Wes Anderson film!! Some serious style going on here – it is a little slice of wedding paradise; just so blooming decorative and pretty. 

And a nice change from the art deco style of the North/East London town halls. 

I’ll be honest, I’ve not actually seen the ceremony rooms IRL, but it looks stunning and I would imagine, given the borough, it’s going to come with some spare change compared to others in this article.



Chelsea Old Town Hall

My final London town hall wedding venue is popular as an established London landmark built in the Victorian era – complete with pretty pastel ceilings. Another popular one with celebs, and famous because of it’s history.  Whilst it is an extremely versatile building, it’s sadly at a stage where it could do with a little TLC (the corridor areas need some work at the least, and the chairs are not pretty either) and it’s not an easy destination for you (or your guests) to get to thanks to a distinct lack of decent transport links.



All that said… this is of course only my humble opinion and if you have any notions for any of the above I would strongly advise a visit in person to check them out yourself, to see how they measure up! A London town hall wedding sums up city weddings for me, and can have quite the buzz.







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