My Christmas Wish List

In need of some festive inspiration? Here’s what’s on my Christmas wish list… Influenced by all the things I love in life! From homewares to chocolate – and a few beauty bits in between!


Neom – Perfect Night’s Sleep Bath Foam


A lovely client of mine gave me a Neom beauty bundle as a gift at the end of their wedding weekender this year, and I’m hooked! This silky formula just makes baths better, it smells amazing, and I have the best sleeps when I use it too – but it’s the gorgeous scent that drew me in.

Floral Street – Wonderland Peony eau de parfum


I got a small sample vial of this in the Rock My Wedding x Birchbox special edition beauty box earlier this year and I’ve never had so many compliments! In sample size, it was perfect for my ‘getting ready kit’ at weddings after I’d change out my set up clothes – guests have even come up to me from across the room to ask what scent I’m wearing! As the name suggests, it is a summery yet fresh peony heaven in a scent.

Teresa Boyd Tanning – Spray Tan


So this one was recommended to me by one of my lovely past brides (thanks Alison!) and Teresa nailed a natural healthy glow for a pasty Scottish person like me, so I’m sold! This Christmas I wish for a 12 monthly healthy glow subscription. I’ve only ever had a few spray tans before for special occasions (my sister’s wedding, but, weirdly, not my own) so I was super cautious, having trialled home tans myself before in my former life working as the Ops Manager for a high end Chelsea beauty company… But Teresa was warm, friendly, matched my shade to something completely natural, and managed to nail my vague brief of ‘just a healthy glow, not a tan, like maybe I’ve been to Ibiza for the day’! Christmas party season has never looked better on me – I look so refreshed, even if I don’t feel it!

Plus, Teresa’s portfolio is full of the rich and famous and subtly tanned and healthy.



MAC – Power Hungry Eye Palette


I’m obsessed with this palette. The shades are subtle but so stunning. I use all the different shades all around my face in different ways depending on what I’m up to that day! The larger golden tone on the right is a stunning highlighter, but also works well as an eye shadow, and I really enjoy using the rest and blending them together to make my face look more alive and awake in general. My sister got me it as a birthday present last year and it’s still going strong, just!



The Wing – “Self Funded” Necklace


I recently joined The Wing and this is part of their official merch, however sadly only available in the US atm.

I 100% need this.



Astley Clarke – White Sapphire Biography Eternity Ring


Ok so I actually already bought this one for myself during the Astley Clarke Black Friday promo! I couldn’t resist. It’s dainty enough to wear stacked but solid enough to wear on its own. I love sapphires (I’m a September baby) but didn’t think white ones were within my price bracket. This was truly a present to myself to celebrate our new life in Walthamstow and our new house this year, which we bought in September last year.




Bramwell Brown – Weather Forecasting Clock


I want this clock so bad! But I can’t quite afford (or justify) the price tag! I’ve spotted it on a couple of interiors Insta feeds since renovating my new house in E17. The first room we managed to finish this year was the kitchen, so I think it would look great in there! A clock that tells the weather as well as the time, and it’s stylish! What’s not to love?!

Diptyque – Classic Coffret Candles


I first discovered Diptyque around 12 years ago when I was working at Paris Fashion Week for Comme des Garcons. I stumbled across this cute coffret in the tiny beauty section of the famously eclectic high fashion boutique Colette (RIP).

Now very mainstream of course, but they still smell amazing (and make a wonderful gift).

Personal Pleasures

Lady in Waiting – My Extraordinary Life in the Shadow of the Crown


I’m obsessed with The Crown, so Anne Glenconner caught my eye when she was being interviewed on Graham Norton about her book a few weeks back. I thought it was a tale of a lady in waiting, but actually this woman has lived the most extraordinarily wild, wealthy, but also unfortunate life of her own. She was most dazzling and enthralling on Graham Norton. I can’t wait to get my hands on a copy of this.



Child’s Coat – Gifts for Refugees


Compared to everything else in this article, this is a very small price to pay to make someone’s Christmas and potentially save a child’s life. I whole heartedly support the Choose Love Help Refugees Charity and have bought lots of my family these kinds of donations as Christmas presents for the past few years.



ARD Bakery – 12 Piece Christmas Collection


I mean…! Do I even need to explain this one?? A fellow Scot in London, with flavours to die for, and obviously they’re totally Instagramable, too. Get your orders in quick for these ones though if you’d like them in time for Christmas!

(Pssst… she also does wedding cakes and chocolate favours for weddings!)


Happy shopping!!


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