What Wedding Signage Do I Need?

Happy new year all! Hope you had a restful festive period and wishing you a fast week if you are back at work already!

Today I am chatting about all things wedding signage. Now, there are a few out there that may argue wedding signage is an added expense you simply don’t need… I disagree.

Firstly, signage can be added to your big day as a decorative item to make a statement… Secondly, it can also really help your guests know which direction to head in, what’s coming next, and ensure they feel comfortable. You will surely have visited your wedding venue a good few times, and have it all played out in your head, but they may well not have done and the last thing you will want is guests scurrying around trying to find the loo’s during your group pics, never mind missing out on something (e.g. cocktail hour) that they didn’t know was happening!

Here’s some of the biggies!


Image by Photos by Zoe from Sara + Paul’s wedding we worked together on


Welcome Sign

A warm welcome is always a great place to start when it comes to signage, and at least let’s your guests know they are in the right place!


Image by Sarah Ann Wright Weddings from Samantha + Nick’s wedding we worked together on


Ceremony Info or Reserved Signs

Ceremony seating arrangements are often now a thing of the past, with many couples letting the guests themselves decide where to sit – rather than having designated sides…

However reserved signs for the VIP chairs at the front for those who are nearest and dearest to you, any elders, or any of the wedding party who may be walking in with you is a good idea – and a good task for the groomsmen to pop out for you.

But it’s your wedding, so you can do as you please! There are no rules on either of the above!

…Your photographer will also thank you for a ‘no mobile phones during the ceremony’ sign though!


Image by Chloe Lee Photography from Kat + Colin’s wedding we worked together on


Order of Service or Order of Events

Orders of service per person can also prove to be spendy, so one big order of service/the day/events sign can work out much more cost effective than having individual ones printed out. An ‘Order of the Day’ poster instead is a great way to keep guests informed of the order of events, especially when it comes to dinner time and speeches.

It definitely helps guests feel more comfortable, ensure they don’t miss anything, and let’s them think ahead for loo breaks!


what wedding signage do I need
Image by Remain In Light Photography from Caroline + Greg’s wedding we worked together on


Bar/Cocktails Signs

If you’re thinking about serving up some bespoke cocktails or dreaming up a signature drink for your big day, then a sign like the one above alongside some beautiful drinks dispensers can really let your guests know they are in for a treat! 

Especially noting if the drinks are with compliments from the couple, any ingredients, or what time they will be served or the bar will be open.


what wedding signage do I need
Image by Emily Munster Photography from Jo + Andrew’s wedding we worked together on


Your Name in Lights

If you ask me, everything looks better in lights! Whether it’s your names, newly announced titles (e.g Mr & Mrs) or to show people where they can find the bar… I love the bar one above one of my couples had at their warehouse wedding last year. (It also jazzed up what was basically just a table for the bar!)


Image by Alice The Camera from Emma + Jonny’s wedding we worked together on


Guest Book and Social Media

If you aren’t having a traditonal guest book, it’s good to give your guests a little guide – this may sound daft, but you’d be surprised at how common sense goes out the window after a few drinks…! (Believe me!)

Additionally, if you’re embracing social media on your big day, you need somewhere to display your hashtag, so people can tag photos and join in the fun. This can often be combined on the same sign.

Alternatively, if you’d like guests to switch their mobiles off and *not* upload a million pics to Facebook, you need to let them know – a small sign is a easy way to avoid awkward conversations or comments afterwards.


Table plan by White Cottage Weddings taken from my past blog post Off (Table) Plan: Bespoke Fabric Flags


Table Plan

Where to sit? If you’re having a formal table plan, you need it to be displayed somewhere so that people can easily see where they are sitting. It’s best to have this displayed during your drinks reception so guests can take a look at their leisure in advance of being asked to sit down. This one is obvious but it’s so important to display beforehand to ensure dinner is served on time… and the speeches run smoothly!


what wedding signage do I need
Image by Alice The Camera from Emma + Jonny’s wedding we worked together on


Decor + Fun

Finally, how perfect is this “happiness” sign! (From Walthamstow’s very own God’s Own Junkyard.) A fabulous addition above the top table, or as a fun backdrop to your dancefloor.

Of course there are many more you could add, but start with these ones first!

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