Modern Bridesmaid Brands

You may remember a few weeks ago I published an edit of modern bridal brands… the same question also comes up time and time again for bridesmaids’ dresses, so I wanted to publish a short edit of modern bridesmaid brands for ‘maids too!

I’m not always involved in this part of the planning or preparing process for weddings, as it’s such a lovely, fun, and personal thing for you to come together and do with your ‘maids themselves, so it was interesting for me to cumulate some sort of list for this too 😊 As a London wedding planner, I love helping and being helpful, and am constantly looking to top up my own knowledge and awareness of suppliers and the industry. The market is always evolving and changing, and there has been a massive change in offerings and new suppliers even since I got married, which was only 4 years ago!

It’s also worth noting that a lot of brands for bridesmaids are now doing a ‘try at home’ service (pioneered by Rewritten) due to the current climate with dreaded Covid. Which is an amazing and great service, as we have become so accustomed to with Asos and the likes. So just because the shops are shut, doesn’t mean you need to stop planning or shopping!

And in my experience, having any more than one bridesmaid also means way more than one trial and error attempt… You absolutely cannot please everyone, and it will definitely take some time to find something that everyone (including you, as part of the couple who are actually getting married!), feels comfortable with and finds aesthetically pleasing. So why not get some orders in, get some wine in, and organise a Zoom try-on session? Even just to test the water and see how you all feel? When trying something new for the first time, I rarely get it right myself the first time, so it’s worth getting ahead now, even just so you know what to rule out dress/shape/colour wise in future.

So, from my own knowledge and experience, and a bit of help from all the suppliers and couples on Instagram, here’s my edit!


Andrea Hawkes






Maids to Measure


Motee Maids






Th&Th Bridemaids


The OWN Studio


Remember also, as some of these are dedicated bridesmaid brands, a lot of the options come in a range of different colours to suit your day and colour theme.

As with most modern bridesmaid brands, prices differ and are sometimes on application depending on how many bridesmaids you have and any alterations needed, but I hope these are helpful to get you started!


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